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service procurement for hiring managers

Digging into Services Procurement for Hiring Managers, Procurement, and Finance

By Shelley Luzaich | May 21, 2024

Often hiring an outside resource for a particular project starts out something like this: “I…

Services Procurement Webinar

A Practical Approach to Services Procurement

By Daniel DeSousa | May 10, 2024

Navigating a Practical Approach to Services Procurement  In today’s complex business environment, managing a services…

chateau webinar sow blog

Join Us for Our Upcoming Webinar: “SOW: Client Needs, Strategic Choices, and the User Experience”

By Shelley Luzaich | May 2, 2024

Virtually every mid-market company outsources some aspect of their business to a professional services firm. …

SOW and Project Services Management Never More Important During Pandemic

By Kyle Torti | April 2, 2020

The “new normal” for workforce management in the midst of a pandemic includes a heavy…

nextSource Blog Retrospective for October and November

By Kyle Torti | December 6, 2019

The nextSource Blog is your one-stop shop for incisive industry perspectives, best practices, innovative ideas…

What Is a Statement of Work (SOW)?

By Kyle Torti | October 27, 2019

A tool in workforce management, a statement of work (SOW) provides documentation (and a plan) to companies who need outsourced help to complete projects.

Four Essential Functions to Seek When Selecting a Workforce Management Solution Provider

By Kyle Torti | November 20, 2018

There are a myriad of challenges facing organizations with respect to workforce planning in a…

Balancing Fixed and Variable Labor Costs in Workforce Management

By Kyle Torti | April 11, 2018

The use of contingent labor—whether temp staffing, SOW/project workers or straight independent contractors—is largely driven…

The Best of the nextSource Blog for 2017 – A Retrospective

By Kyle Torti | December 26, 2017

As the year draws to a close, editorial staff here at the nextSource blog likes…

MSP/VMS Stagnation? Perhaps You Need a Re-launch

By Kyle Torti | December 20, 2017

One of the challenges that comes from being a service provider known for long-term client…

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