SOW and Project Services Management Never More Important During Pandemic

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The “new normal” for workforce management in the midst of a pandemic includes a heavy utilization of remote workers wherever this is possible. In order to retain productivity levels, many organizations may be considering engagement of remote worker types for the very first time. For finite but important non-core projects SOW project workers are a good solution. For those already familiar with (but perhaps not heavily leveraging) remote project management or SOW services, there is also an increased need for project services management guidance and expertise. Good news is, nextSource is well-equipped to help any organization optimize SOW and project services management strategies.

To develop a strategy for engaging SOW project workers requires gathering the right requirements. Among the more common such requirements is a clearly defined project scope, a detailed business process statement, data on transaction volumes, technology standards and definitions, task lists/responsibilities and of course, the legal/contractual documentation needed to codify the project plans, goals and budget. Gathering all these requirements can be a rather involved process. Before embarking on this strategy, it is useful to first determine if SOW is the correct strategy. To help build the business case, nextSource offers an online, SOW Savings Assessment. Performing this self-assessment using the nextSource online tool can help determine the savings potential for SOW utilization.

Once you’ve taken the SOW Savings Assessment, if it indicates your organization could benefit and you determine that now is an appropriate time to engage SOW resources to complete a project you might have been too busy to consider before the COVID-19 lockdown, project services management becomes a highly relevant item to explore. When it comes to project-based workforce management, nextSource helps facilitate the complexities of Statement of Work (SOW) administration – from the moment a project has been awarded, schedules are created, performance reports are generated, and all contract items are tracked to ensure that service providers are performing to your expectations. nextSource also provides strategic sourcing and contracting expertise during the “pre-award” stages of service procurement.

Services procurement guidance from a trusted source can deliver significant benefits to organizations engaging SOW services. Services procurement best practices are proven to ensure project outcomes are clearly measured and achieved. nextSource delivers expertise in services procurement effective at streamlining sourcing and procurement costs, supporting innovative and automated processes and reducing the effort required to manually monitor productivity and analyze performance metrics. Project service management solutions also help take the unknown out of SOW contract negotiation, delivering contract and agreement templates that have been proven effective in practical application for organizations of all sizes and compositions.

There is an opportunity to find some benefit from the disruption currently being imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Utilize this time to explore how SOW project work and services procurement services can help your organization take advantage of this remote-ready workforce option.

To read more on this subject, turn to nextSource for expert guidance and visit our Statement of Work page.

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