nextSource Blog Retrospective for October and November


The nextSource Blog is your one-stop shop for incisive industry perspectives, best practices, innovative ideas and overall thought leadership on all things relevant to workforce management.  Today’s post will look back over the last few months of posts to provide a brief synopsis of all the hard-hitting and valuable content this blog has been producing consistently for years. 

Toxic Work Environment | Although volumes have been written about the risks and ramifications of allowing a toxic work environment to exist, far less well-explored are the contours of the toxic work environment within the contingent workforce examined in this post titled, “Work Environment Considerations Differ for Contingent Workers”.

Understanding Tail Spend | For most organizations engaging niche suppliers to accommodate specialized contingent staffing needs, this type of niche spend often falls into the so-called “tail spend” category. Learn what tail spend is and how failing to monitor it can lead to potentially costly problems in this piece: Avoid Getting Bitten in the Tail (Spend).

VMS/MSP and the Mid-Market | The mid-market still labors with low adoption of VMS and MSP solutions. For more about what the mid-market can learn from the hard-won wisdom of their enterprise-level counterparts about the necessity of MSP/VMS solutions for contingent labor procurement, read, “Why MSP/VMS Solution for Contingent Labor is a Necessity for More Organizations”.

What is a SOW or “Statement of Work” | Learn why those responsible for contingent workforce management should be aware of this particular type of engagement. “What is a SOW and Who Needs One?” provides a primer on the SOW, what it is, how it works and how it can be a very effective arrow in the contingent workforce management quiver.

All About Procurement Services Providers | Buying services such as contingent labor of all varieties is a completely different and more complex kind of purchasing.  This post, “Is it Time to Consider a Procurement Services Provider for Contingent Labor?” defines procurement services providers and helps readers consider whether to engage one in support of contingent workforce management sourcing.

New SEC Regulations Impact Workforce Management Practices | New regulations for publicly traded companies will require reporting on the size and composition of the workforce. What will new reporting rules involve?  How might they affect the staffing industry and workforce management planning at all kinds of companies?  Read, “Staffing Industry and Hiring Organizations Brace for New Industry Reporting to be Required by SEC” for important answers.

Being Ready for the Gig Economy | By now, most HR professionals are well-aware of the Gig Economy but may not currently engage it. The Gig Economy is no longer experimental. In fact, it has become a new paradigm, working alongside the traditional workforce economy. This article helps to answer the question, “What is the Gig Economy, and Should I Introduce it to My Organization?

AI for Candidate Screening | If you find it unpleasant to speak to the automated voice used by increasing numbers of customer service call centers, you’ll probably hate that AI has grown sophisticated enough to be effective at candidate screening. Hiring organizations will be tasked with keeping abreast of the emerging patchwork of privacy laws which can be quite disparate in the different markets where these organizations may have operations. What can workers and hiring organizations alike do to protect their respective interests? “The Implications of AI in Candidate Interviews and Other Workforce Activities” has some answers to these thorny questions.

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