Digging into Services Procurement for Hiring Managers, Procurement, and Finance

Often hiring an outside resource for a particular project starts out something like this: “I found someone to help with x, y, z project…” and then starts the whirlwind known as services procurement also known as Statement of Work (SOW) or fixed bid projects. 

Statement of Work Woes 

On the one hand, Hiring Managers often find their own resources to help. On the other hand, Procurement and Finance are tasked with answering questions about who is working on which project and for how much – and does that align with market values.  

Then there’s the administrative tasks of onboarding, overseeing milestones and deliverables, paying, and even changing resources within a given third-party organization. Don’t even get us started on rogue spend outside of the contract.  

SOW Management Solutions 

This is a common experience, but it’s time to stop the insanity! 

We know you’re all working on the same team with a common goal. However, it would make your lives so much easier if you had a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle the entire process once a resource is selected.  

An MSP doesn’t just fill gaps; it enhances the strategic execution of projects by offering specialized expertise in managing service providers.  

Experienced MSPs also ensure accountability by overseeing onboarding, compliance, and deliverables, milestones, and overall vendor responsibility.  

You will realize optimized operations, reduced costs, and improved service delivery. 

Interactive Webinar 

Join us for an interactive webinar about services procurement where we explore how to:   

  • Enhance your procurement strategies with the aid of an MSP. 
  • Navigate the administration of service providers with greater efficiency. 
  • Gain detailed insights into the usage and performance of suppliers. 
  • Define clear responsibilities and processes across your procurement ecosystem. 
  • Forge an action plan to create greater awareness and value. 

Who is This for? 

Hiring managers, procurement and finance professionals and other decision-makers who want to streamline Statement of Work (SOW) strategies for better outcomes.   

The Details 

Topic: “SOW: Client Needs, Strategic Choices, and the User Experience,” co-hosted with Chateau Consulting 

Date: May 22 
Time: 1 pm ET 

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