The Best of the nextSource Blog for 2017 – A Retrospective


As the year draws to a close, editorial staff here at the nextSource blog likes to look back at all the informative content we’ve produced to share with you, our readers. This year, the blog was home to some very hard-hitting articles just busting at the seams with useful perspectives, strategies, analysis and recommendations for helping organizations like yours navigate the challenges of modern workforce management. What follows is our editors’ choices from a year replete with great content. Take a stroll down memory lane as we revisit some of the most important topics of 2017.

In the first quarter, the nextSource blog covered strategies on how to avoid workforce audits. We also gave insight on the new FLSA overtime rule; tips on how to measure the performance of your supplier networks; how to achieve the ideal implementation team for your new VMS/MSP program; how to analyze employee costs; and several articles on the use and utilization of EOR services (here and here). We also shared ideas for retaining Millennial-age workers, negotiating stronger supplier contracts and innovative ways to drive overall contractor retention via employee recognition programs.

As April rolled around, we examined 1099 facts for proper tax filing of ICs. Other Q2 highlights included a piece sharing best practices for VMS deployment; commentary on proposed changes to the H1-B visa program; workforce management challenges in the Healthcare field; the benefits of cost savings through risk avoidance; and how to optimize the effects of holding face-to-face meetings with your suppliers.

By summertime, things were beginning to heat up both in terms of the weather and in the world of workforce management. The nextSource blog coverage for quarter three included ideas on how to best utilize summer interns; tips on crafting effective RFPs when going to the market for bids on MSP services; the debate over who should pay for pre-employment screenings (the candidate or the employer); the effect technology is having on retailers’ workforce planning; and tips for operating a workforce management program in the “gig economy.”

Rounding the bend into the Autumn, the nextSource blog took on such important topics as best practices for terminating contractor engagements; a series on the benefits mid-market organizations can derive from their solution providers; why it is a great idea to source and employ military veterans returning to civilian life and how to translate military experience into civilian jobs; an updated look at the venerable old rate card; and ideas for leveraging EOR services to engage adjunct faculty in higher education organizations.

All this fantastic material and it only scratches the surface of the great insights brought to you several times each and every week by the subject matter experts across the entire nextSource organization who contribute to the publication.

Do bookmark the blog page so you can check in regularly. Certainly, 2018 promises to be an even bigger for the nextSource blog to continue delivering value to all our readers.

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