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Labor Day – An Opportunity to Reflect on How Technology Helps Increase Workforce Efficiency

August 28, 2014

As the country prepares to celebrate Labor Day, we here at nextSource thought it would be interesting to explore how today’s companies are aligning their corporate strategies with their workforce. The Labor movement drove insights into how workers banded together to create a more equitable and productive union that ultimately resulted in the largest accumulation…

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Maximizing Your Talent Pools with International Workers

August 26, 2014

As the contingent workforce increases in the education sector, subsequently the variety of temporary professionals widens. This requires a different, more detailed workforce management strategy for maximum workforce optimization. Employing adjunct staff members is not only cost effective but it is an efficient way to best service the needs of the students by offering flexibility…

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The End (of 2014) is at Hand! Perform a YTD Workforce Tune Up Now!

August 21, 2014

Don’t blink or you may miss it! As Summer 2014 sprints to the finish, the realization that it will soon be “back to school” time, then Halloween, followed quickly by Thanksgiving and Christmas/Chanukah. If you – Mr. or Ms. Workforce Planner – don’t want to be left wondering what happened to the goals for 2014…

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Beyond Sourcing: Are Employers Putting Themselves at Risk by Using Social Media to Screen Candidates?

August 19, 2014

With over 40% of employers reporting the use of social networking sites to research job candidates, it’s not surprising that companies are using them beyond sourcing. According to a recent CareerBuilder Survey, hiring managers report using social networking and internet search engines frequently and/or always to find additional screening and background information for their future…

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Leverage Your Company Brand for Better Talent Management

August 14, 2014

Finding the best talent for any organization’s workforce is one of the principal challenges facing those responsible for workforce management initiatives. While best practices for traditional talent sourcing and management are still effective, there are recent innovations that help supercharge these efforts.  There is a convergence occurring between the traditional practices used to source qualified…

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Smashing One’s Thumb Hurts Just as Bad With an Expensive Hammer

August 12, 2014

Making the decision about whether to engage a third party solution for workforce management is a fraught one. However, once it has been established that an organization needs some kind of solution to achieve improved visibility, process efficiency, and financial control over its workforce planning and administration, the question then becomes: Which is better: a…

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Employer Perks of Hiring Temp to Perm Employees

July 31, 2014

You’ve probably read the staggering statistics indicating continued job growth. It’s no surprise that the utilization of contingent labor is rising as well. In March, over 2% of the workforce was comprised of contingent or contract professionals. In addition to this, Careerbuilder’s yearly forecasting indicates 42% of all companies plan to hire temporary or contract…

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Can Contingent Workers Culturally Fit In?

July 18, 2014

A common deterrent for organizations using contingent labor is the perceived lack of cultural fit or ability to wholly integrate within the work environment, potentially creating lower productivity. With the anticipated hiring growth across industries, the reliance on integrating the contingent workforce is increasing and requiring these types of professionals to encompass a wider range…

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It’s Strategic Planning Season – Is your workforce as ready as you?

July 17, 2014

In the upcoming weeks and months, board and conference rooms around the country will soon become wall papered with flip charts, whiteboards and colored sticky dots with scribbled aspirations, goals and prioritized strategic initiatives for 2015. This is that time of year when executive minds collectively “stack hands” on bringing future plans to life. The…

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