nextSource Announced TalentCalling: Who is it for and how can you Benefit? 

nextSource is no stranger to the space of direct sourcing. If you’ve never heard the term before you might be asking, what is direct sourcing? Direct sourcing is the practice of building a pool of talent—freelancers, contingents, or temp workers—without relying on any third-party staffing or recruitment agencies. Going directly to the labor market to hire, you can build a pool of top-tier candidates for either project or temporary roles that are sourced, managed, and/or engaged/re-engaged directly as the need arises.  

At nextSource we took it up a notch and created something we like to call “nextSourcing.” This is about building a talent community of qualified talent instead of simply a pool. We want to ensure that clients as well as the professionals in this talent community are up to date on knowledge in their space, so we help by continuously communicating to these candidates with content relevant to their career paths. 

On Monday, nextSource announced the newest solution dedicated to the space of higher education, known as TalentCallingTM. TalentCalling offers a unique way for institutions to source talent for their skilled worker needs. We’ve created an online centralized system and fill it with prequalified candidates with a select set of predetermined skill sets. Then we allow higher education members to draw from this community of prequalified professionals and place them into roles where they will shine across all areas within the higher education space.    

Within this shared community are candidates preselected for roles including admissions personnel, administrative assistants, exam proctors, instructional designers, research assistants, teaching assistants, application readers, general managers, and student success specialists. It also offers IT implementation managers, software developers, project managers, and other non-academic personnel.  Candidates with other skill sets will continuously be added. 

We’ve established our first TalentCalling direct sourcing center to support colleges and universities in the Metro Washington DC area and are excited to watch the results of a synchronized program where these schools will mutually benefit. Each school will have ready access to a wider range of talent. Peer sharing is a best practice that accelerates innovation while saving time and money.  

Is TalentCalling a good fit for your school? Contact us here to set up a time to discuss your talent sourcing options. 

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