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service procurement for hiring managers

Digging into Services Procurement for Hiring Managers, Procurement, and Finance

By Shelley Luzaich | May 21, 2024

Often hiring an outside resource for a particular project starts out something like this: “I…

contingent workforce program

Which KPIs Should You Track for Your Contingent Workforce Program?

By nextSource | January 28, 2024

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Here, we explain which KPIs are most effective at driving success for your contingent workforce program.

Achieving Freedom Means Redefining How Work is Done in America

By Kyle Torti | June 30, 2022

In a few days, we will celebrate the 246th anniversary of the original Independence Day.…

search for new hires

Where Can I Search for New Hires in a Reasonable Amount of Time?

By Kyle Torti | June 9, 2022

Making quality hires can be challenging. However, qualified candidates still exist. Here are some places to focus your search for new hires.

Is a MSP/VMS Solution for Contingent Labor Right for You?

By Kyle Torti | April 22, 2022

Growing pains can affect many businesses. If you’re experiencing difficulty staffing, it might be time to enlist a managed service program (MSP).

Evidence of the Growing Power of Labor in the US

By Kyle Torti | April 8, 2022

The ground beneath the historical relationship between capital and labor is shifting. Long-held notions about…

Changes to DOL’s Overtime Rules Are Imminent – What You Should Know

By Kyle Torti | March 23, 2022

With the continuing expansion of contingent workforce activity, it becomes more and more common for…

Contingent Work Opportunities for Women: Solving Talent Scarcity While Meeting Business Goals

By Kyle Torti | March 23, 2022

Working women are the lynchpin for overcoming talent scarcity and meeting diversity and other business…

Labor Unions Don’t Appear to be Roaring Back – Except in this Industry Sector

By Kyle Torti | March 11, 2022

After peaking in the 1970s, union membership across the American workforce at large began a…

Attract and Retain – Back to Basics

By Kyle Torti | March 11, 2022

Although the dynamics surrounding the balance of power between workers and employers has indeed changed,…

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