Risk Management

Independent Contractor Misclassification Is a High-Risk Game

By nextSource | August 3, 2023

In today’s evolving business landscape, employers are turning to independent contractors to meet their workforce…

Why Should the Implementation of an EOR Program Coincide with Your Fiscal Year?

By Shelley Luzaich | September 7, 2022

For many companies, the beginning of the fiscal year brings about opportunities for change. Here’s why that time should coincide with a new EOR program.

Time’s Right for a Compliance Gut Check

By Kyle Torti | January 19, 2022

Now might be a good time to check in on the readiness of your compliance…

This Living Document Provides Up-to-the-Minute Details on Statewide Stay at Home Orders

By Kyle Torti | May 20, 2020

Like so many elements of contingent workforce management, “return to work protocols” – the laws,…

The Changing Role of Drug Testing for Marijuana in the Workplace

By Kyle Torti | February 24, 2020

The fractured legal environment surrounding the continuing movement towards marijuana legalization drives great ambiguity for…

Co-Employment: The Good, the Bad and the Reality

By Kyle Torti | January 25, 2019

  There is a widely held misconception among workforce managers that co-employment is a risk…

Revisiting Best Practices for Engaging Summer Interns

By Kyle Torti | April 23, 2018

Summer’s coming. Whether or not your local weather forecast still calls for cold, rain and…

How to Avoid the Growing Threat of Billing Scams with Consolidated Billing

By Kyle Torti | April 18, 2018

One of the “hot topics” at a recent conference attended by nextSource focused on the…

BOO! The Specter of Costly Misclassification Audits Rises this Halloween

By Kyle Torti | October 30, 2017

Neither ghouls, goblins or ghosts strike as much fear into the hearts of workforce management…

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