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AI in Recruiting: Reshaping the Candidate Experience

May 9, 2024

When seeking a new position, you’ve followed the conventional wisdom.  Using social media, company websites, and…

Are Non-compete Agreements a Thing of the Past?

May 9, 2024

At some point in your career, you may have been asked to sign a non-compete agreement…

You May Soon Be Entitled to Overtime Pay

May 9, 2024

The Fair Labor Standards Act determines whether an employee is entitled to overtime pay for time…

2024 – What Workers Want

December 7, 2023

Lots of research out there showed that post-COVID, priorities were work-life balance, non-monetary benefits, social responsibility,…


DEI Initiatives: Are We Walking the Talk?

April 11, 2024

The social unrest of 2020 and 2021 brought greater focus to issues of diversity, equity and…

Independent Contractors: Conflicting Definitions, Conflicting Regulations

April 11, 2024

Employment trends are undergoing a seismic shift in which independent contractors – also known as freelancers…

Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Workforce Sourcing and Management

January 22, 2024

Sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) systems are making it easier for hiring managers to plan for and…

Are Your Job Postings Promoting Your Employer Brand and Culture?

January 22, 2024

A company’s job posting conveys an applicant attraction message that should ideally help the company stand…

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Want the latest industry insights delivered to your inbox? Subscribe below.