Managed Services Program (MSP)


With nextSource’s managed services program (MSP) you’ll gain greater visibility into your workforce, driving efficiencies across all of your temporary labor suppliers and talent sources, resulting in higher temporary labor fill rates and improved cost controls.


At nextSource, our programs are vendor neutral and technology agnostic. We’ve partnered with the very best VMS technology providers on the market today, enabling us to build truly bespoke programs for each of our clients. With our programs, our clients capitalize on the contingent labor evolution, while maximizing their talent asset population across all categories of spend.

Why nextSource?

  • We are independent from staffing organizations.
  • Our signature “white glove” approach means we’re with you every step of the way.
  • Our program architects are experts in process, planning and configuration.
  • We build programs to last, with downstream implications and compliance in mind.

Along with making your job easier, bottom line benefits include:

  • Increased access to the right talent and job fulfillment
  • Decreased risk through compliance management and quality measures
  • Increased process efficiencies that drive visibility and cost savings
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