Worry-Free Access to Talent

You have worked hard to attract the most talented personnel you could find, and you’re proud of your employees.  However, as good as they are, they struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of change.  And you are constantly challenged to address the specialized skills needed for today’s critical projects but may not be needed tomorrow.  So, you turn to temporary workers. 

Managed Services Providers do a good job of managing staffing agencies and the workers they source, but increasingly the skills you are looking for are offered by independent contractors or through referrals from your employees. This increases concerns about complexity and risk: different employment laws and tax policies apply; screening and onboarding external personnel is labor intensive, and not the best use of your already strapped HR department; and you may not be sure how to establish fair and attractive pay rates for temporary workers. 

You aren’t alone.  More importantly, you shouldn’t have to know these things.  

nextSource has a different perspective on how to help clients source, engage and use temporary personnel. You should expect when seeking outside assistance that the provider will 

  • Comprehensively assess all your talent needs in partnership with you 
  • Review your current modes of acquisition and identify the best ways to find needed talent 
  • Cooperatively build a “Contingent Workforce Office” to oversee all aspects of temporary worker usage.  This office may consist exclusively of provider personnel, may be staffed by your internal team, or it can be a combination of the two.   

Regardless of the chosen approach, the Contingent Workforce Office will take responsibility for all daily operations – aiding hiring managers when requesting new personnel, vetting candidates, coaching hiring managers on compliance requirements, managing offers and acceptances, overseeing onboarding, adjudicating non-compliance, finding alternatives when candidates fail to pass IRS classification tests, ensuring proper timekeeping and payment, resolving worker performance issues, and deprovisioning at engagement end. 

The Contingent Workforce Office responsibilities also extend to ongoing hiring manager and worker training and communication, management of regulatory and tax requirements and reporting, auditing all aspects of the program and – most importantly – assurance that the program evolves as business needs change. 

To learn more about how the unique approach at nextSource would address your temporary worker concerns, contact us

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