Contingent Labor

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What CHIPS Is & How It’s Going to Effect the Higher Education Labor Force

By nextSource | June 22, 2023

Having been enacted by President Joe Biden in August 2022 after a rare display of…

nextSource Announced TalentCalling: Who is it for and how can you Benefit? 

By Daniel DeSousa | June 7, 2023

nextSource is no stranger to the space of direct sourcing. If you’ve never heard the…

Discover How Our Talent Community Nurturing Keeps Candidates Engaged for the Long Haul with nextSourcing

By Kyle Torti | September 12, 2022

In the grand scheme of things in staffing, you’ll often hear terms such as talent…

How to Solve Your Quiet Quitting Problem

By Daniel DeSousa | September 2, 2022

Quiet quitting is a hot topic in today’s news cycle. Here’s what quiet quitting actually is, and how you can solve it at your company or place of business.

match hires with skills needed

How Do I Match Hires with Skills Needed?

By Kyle Torti | July 7, 2022

No matter what you sell, your team is unstoppable with the right employees. Here’s how to match hires with skills needed during recruitment.

staffing agency

How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Overcome Personnel Struggles

By Kyle Torti | June 7, 2022

With countless jobseekers in each sector, finding someone to meet your specifications isn’t easy. Here’s how a staffing agency helps with recruitment.

The Unspoken Factor Fueling the U.S. Labor Shortage

By Kyle Torti | May 20, 2022

The shortage of available workers in hospitality and healthcare sectors of the US economy can…

Is a MSP/VMS Solution for Contingent Labor Right for You?

By Kyle Torti | April 22, 2022

Growing pains can affect many businesses. If you’re experiencing difficulty staffing, it might be time to enlist a managed service program (MSP).

Latest Controversy Over IC Classification for App-Based Workers

By Kyle Torti | April 15, 2022

The nextSource Blog continues to follow the saga of app-based gig work and how regulatory…

Is Co-Employment the Same as Joint Employment?

By Kyle Torti | April 15, 2022

Co-employment and joint employment are not the same, largely because of workforce management. In a…

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