Vaccine Requirements

Since the start of the global pandemic, there have been ever-changing requirements in dealing with COVID-19 as a society. Whether a state, local government, or employer, for example, may require or mandate COVID-19 vaccination is a matter of state or other applicable law. At this moment in time, there is not a federal mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to a press release, the Biden-Harris Administration will expand vaccination requirements for health care settings. “The Biden-Harris Administration will require COVID-19 vaccination of staff within all Medicare and Medicaid-certified facilities to protect both them and patients from the virus and its more contagious Delta variant.  Facilities across the country should make efforts now to get health care staff vaccinated to make sure they are in compliance when the rule takes effect.”

Ending this global pandemic

But healthcare isn’t the only area of work that is trying to get a grip on this pandemic. Private companies and government agencies can require their employees to get vaccinated as a condition of working there.  Companies are doing their part to get their employees vaccinated and keep them safe. Individuals retain the right to refuse, but they have no ironclad right to legal protection.

When applying for a new position, you may be passed over by a company that does not mandate vaccinations if job responsibilities require you to interact with clients or business partners who have imposed that requirement. 

The future is vaccinated

COVID-19 has killed over 4.5 million people across the planet, and it continues to spread and kill daily. We must unite as a society to end the spread and stop the virus once and for all. Every day, we are required to show proof of vaccination to enter public buildings or attend sporting or entertainment events. nextSource is doing their part, encouraging their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine and enforcing the vaccination policies of our clients and you should do the same.

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