Tools for Hiring in a Hurry

While the coronavirus caused most businesses to shutter, others deemed “essential” were required to ramp up their workforces literally overnight. Those who were successful in meeting this requirement adopted new practices that will be of value to others as we enter the post-COVID period. Experts warn that single industries may find themselves all trying to re-staff at the same time as restrictions lift. Speed will be the determining factor in sorting which companies will be most successful in rebuilding a productive workforce. In many cases, technology will provide the ability to hire in a hurry.

  • Formal workforce planning, enabled by AI technology, allows companies to define in advance their job needs, identifying needed positions, how many of each must be created or eliminated, which positions can/should be replaced with technology, the optimal mix between permanent and temporary workers, and the most effective sourcing methods for each position.
  • An influx of technological tools can help locate and screen applicants faster. An artificial-intelligence powered program can rank candidates against requirements, candidate skills and traits can be assessed through a series of responses to online learning materials, and structured online interviews can be conducted and evaluated .
  • Online review and completion of employment-related documentation and contractual agreements enables businesses to make formalize an offer and reach agreement in a matter of minutes.
  • The massive layoffs and shifts in business priorities resulting from COVID-19 has created havoc with wages and compensation plans. Technology-enabled rate management is needed to recalibrate market-based pay rates.
  • Before the pandemic, most companies took about 2-weeks to get drug tests and background checks on applicants before making a job offer. Background checking databases can cut that down to 24-hours.
  • Online talent platforms enable companies to increase their use of independent contractors. Industry-leading platforms offer online 1099 classification services and payment administration.

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