Pandemic is redefining hiring practices

With health and safety concerns altering the traditional recruiting process, the pandemic could ultimately be the tipping point that breaks organizations’ predisposition toward in-person hiring, whether for individual positions or at scale. For years, recruiting platforms have been using Artificial Intelligence to identify candidates, usher them through the recruiting process, conduct automated interviews and background checks, and assemble a shortlist of candidates for hiring managers to review. Current conditions are compressing the time frames needed for organizations to be ready to make an offer, get paperwork signed, and onboard candidates.

BestSoftwareReviews reported that the number of visitors to the its video-interview product software page has increased about 73 percent per week over the last three weeks. Searches for “virtual interview platforms” rose 540 Percent in a week, “free online interview platforms” rose 291 percent and “best online interview software” increased 236 percent.

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