New research into email anxiety.

In a recent study conducted by Hiver, an email collaboration solution for teams, more than 60% of millennial respondents revealed that they feel anxious when they see unread emails in their inbox. Millennials across the globe today prefer to keep their inbox empty or near-empty – popularly known as ‘Inbox Zero.’ Respondents also indicated high levels of discomfort if they are unable to check their emails every 3 – 4 hours.

While emails are not their “social app of choice” (59% chose WhatsApp as the first app that they check on their phone upon waking up, 29% mentioned social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook, and only 9% said emails) they overwhelmingly view emails as critical to employee productivity. Sixty percent (60%) said that emails can be a good substitute for workplace meetings but 63% agreed that long emails hampered their workplace productivity and that they preferred them to be shorter and ‘to the point’.

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