Few Companies Effectively Track Digital Employee Experience

A survey by Nexthink, which provides software to help manage digital experiences, demonstrates that IT organizations have not deployed effective tools for tracking the digital experience of remote workers. The survey found that, although 96% of technology executives state that measuring and managing the digital employee experience is an essential priority, a third of technology executives (34%) collect experience information manually and 46% don’t measure the digital experience at all.

Despite a pandemic-driven acceleration of use of new technologies, only 56% of technology leaders believe they could get an accurate sense of how rollouts affect remote workers, 11% believe they have insight into experience-related to change, and only 6% are confident about insight into business services deployment.

Service desks are for most organizations the primary way in which IT organizations receive feedback on deployed technology. Seventy percent (70%) of technology leaders said their ticket and call volumes spiked since the Covid-19 pandemic began, some by as much as 50%. The top problems employees faced involved VPNs, poor video calls and problematic Wi-Fi connections.