Back to the Office is More than a Safety Issue

As the pandemic recovery period begins, instead of asking “How do we get people to work offsite?” many business leaders are asking “How do we get people back?” While much of the planning centers on creating a safe work environment, Korn Ferry outlines other factors that should be included in a company’s “return to work” plans.

  • Many organizations that kept their businesses open during the worst parts of the pandemic gave their employees bonuses or higher wages to work in environments that may have increased their chances of getting infected. Do those payments go away?
  • The baseline for market-based pay rates for new employees may be invalid. Many employers were forced to reduce wages to existing employees to counter the impact of the coronavirus. Simply offering new hires the reduced rate in an effort to ensure pay equity may risk missing out on exceptional hires.
  • Many States imposed “shelter in place” orders, requiring companies to establish remote work policies, procedures, and capabilities. Some roles were discovered to be done as productively outside the main job site. Businesses must consider the potential cost savings that can be realized through reduced real estate and other costs.
  • Work that can be performed remotely opens up a larger candidate pool, enabling businesses to more successfully source high demand workers and shift work to more economical locations.

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