4 Interview Tips That Will Keep Companies Coming Back for More

Going into interviews is always a nerve-wracking experience. No matter how prepared you think you are, there is (and should be) a little bit of anxiety when entering an interview with a potential employer. That is okay, but coming to an interview with a game plan is always important. 

You want to stand out and show you are the obvious choice for the open position. But how does one do that? Keep reading for our top 4 interview tips from our interview experts at nextSource.

#1: Plan for the Obvious Questions

99.9% of the time, an interviewer is going to ask the very open-ended, “So tell me a little bit about yourself…” and preparing for a response that impresses is very important. This is their first impression of you, and you need to ensure it’s a good one. 

Come prepared, and try not to ramble on and on. You want to emphasize your strengths and your personality without sounding like you are simply reading off your résumé, which they’ve hopefully already done.

#2: Advocate Your Skills

An interview isn’t somewhere you should be shy about your skill sets. No matter if you are an introverted person by nature, you must highlight your strengths. Speak to specific projects you have worked on that are relevant to the job you are applying to and touch on the positive results that came from your efforts.

#3: Prepare Touchpoints – Not a Script

When entering an interview, you want to have points to touch on that show what an asset you are, but you do not want to sound like a robot. 

You always want to sound genuine and personable and be able to share things about yourself that aren’t on your résumé. You can be strategic in your approach to bringing up your touchpoint to make it organic. Practice this to stay in control of your message no matter what the interview might bring your way.

#4: Tell a Short Story

You want to paint a picture for your interviewer about how you can accomplish all the tasks they throw your way. This can be done through a short story about your previous role or responsibilities. 

Give a backstory and explain why the project was important. Then go through the highlights, obstacles, and solutions you were about to provide. Make sure to end the story with a positive outcome.

More Interview Tips

Always ask questions at the end of an interview. Show up to the interview with at least five questions that are going to make you memorable and sound like a confident candidate.

One question that’s great to end on is: “What can I do to better prepare for this role?” This insinuates that the position is already yours and you’re asking for advice on how to successfully prepare for your new opportunity, which shows an enthusiasm for the role. You show your potential employers that you are confident and excited to join their company.

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