Wondering Why Workforce Audits and Investigations are on the Rise?


If it seems like you’ve been reading too many stories in the media about organizations facing worker misclassification audits and penalties, you’re not imagining things!  The pace of state and federal worker classification audits have been skyrocketing over the last 12-18 months, and companies of all sizes (even the largest household brand names) have been ensnared.  Do you want to know what’s driving the dramatic increase in audits and penalties and how you can help your company stay out of the crosshairs of an audit and the nasty consequences that often follow?

While nextSource has been blogging extensively about the likes of high profile cases such as the Uber lawsuit, we’ve also written dozens of posts on best practices for driving independent contactor classification compliance. There are large dynamics at play here that are changing the rules faster than organizations’ workforce management leaders can adapt.  Governmental regulations themselves are struggling to keep up with the transformation driven by workforce and economic trends.  This is why nextSource subject matter experts, Cheryl Tracz, Director of Supplier Partnerships, and Jarret Gardner, VP of Business Development, are hosting a webinar on this increasingly important topic tomorrow, September 28th, at 12pm EST.

“Why Workforce Audits and Investigations are on the Rise” will help its audience define, understand, and solve the problems currently facing employers who engage with a contingent workforce.  Join Cheryl and Jarret to learn exactly what is propelling this worrisome trend.  Discover the varying target that constitutes an independent contractor and what is legally considered misclassification under the latest definition. Understand why the government is stepping up enforcement and what tools you can implement to protect your organization.

Cheryl and Jarret will complete the 45 minute webinar with a Q & A session and a brief demo of nextSource’s new Misclassification calculator and assessment, both of which help you to examine the financial risk your organization may face for worker misclassification varied by state. If you want to avoid getting swept up in the classification compliance dragnet, register today for “Why Workforce Audits and Investigations are on the Rise”.

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