What is the Contingent Workforce Management Program Maturity Assessment?


It can be difficult to gain a truly objective overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your contingent workforce management operation. Especially when you’re busy addressing the day to day functions needed to keep the program operable. Complicating matters is the fact that, for even the most seasoned professional, one simply does not know what one does not know. That is why nextSource has developed the new, Contingent Workforce Management Maturity Assessment Program. This powerful new service offering delivers a complete, consultative assessment and in-depth analysis of your organization’s existing Contingent Workforce Program. Here’s how it works!

nextSource developed the Program Maturity model to enable holistic assessments of the contingent workforce management programs deployed within new and prospective client organizations. At the heart of the Program Maturity Assessment service is a model that begins with standard operational measures of people, people process and technology. These results are compared to assessments of adaptability, program management, scalability, and growth potential. Finally, the model evaluates all of these factors against critical value drivers (quality, efficiency, cost management and risk mitigation), establishing correlations between stated value priorities and program strengths/weaknesses.

The PMA provides an accurate overview of an organization’s current capabilities and capacity in contingent workforce management and provides the following:

  • Current state profile of an organization’s contingent workforce management capabilities and capacity
  • Identification of healthy and weaker practices
  • Alignment with evolving program goals and priorities
  • Early identification of possible improvement initiatives

An objective, professional assessment yields a baseline against which all improvement initiatives can be measured.

The CWM Program Maturity Assessment is comprised of a 15-minute survey conducted online. Following analysis of the surveys, a consultative session is convened during which results are presented and interpreted for the respondent. nextSource then offers suggested enhancements to address any identified areas of deficiency. At the conclusion of the process, respondents are given a copy of the Diagnostic Report.

This powerful assessment and consultative service delivers amazing value and perspective to any CWM program at any level of sophistication and drives improvements across the entire operation. Read more about the PMA model including Enablers, Dimensions and Value Drivers of your current operation, the diagnostic process steps and more about this powerful process improvement exercise. Schedule a time to assess your contingent workforce management program and prepare to drive exceptional improvement within your organization.

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