The Staffing Industry Appreciates US Military Veterans’ Service


At nextSource and among the staffing industry at large, personal achievement is taken very seriously. It’s why we work diligently to help organizations achieve a well-balanced workforce; at the same time, we help workers to achieve their career goals. On this Veteran’s Day, we turn our attention to the men and women who serve in America’s Armed Forces and who personify personal achievement.

If there’s one thing veterans of the US Military have in spades, it is a record of achievement. We think we can speak for the entire staffing industry when we say “thank you” to these brave men and women for the sacrifice, sweat, grit, determination and patriotism they live every day through their actions on behalf of the American way of life. We owe them all a tremendous debt of gratitude.

One of the ways we at nextSource demonstrate our gratitude is to work with our clients and staffing industry partners to help veterans transition smoothly back into the civilian workforce when their tours of duty or military careers come to an end. This is a particularly rewarding activity for us not only because it enables us, in some small way to repay the service of these brave folks. But also, because veterans are so eminently employable, bringing the full weight of their sizeable expertise and experience to civilian job roles. The military provides exceptional skills training, leadership training, and life experience to soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. And that kind of background is always in great demand in the private sector.

In a post from several years ago on Veteran’s Day, we listed the top six skills hiring organizations report as being commonly found in former military candidates. We’ve summarized them here because they’re still entirely relevant.

Project Management: Veterans who’ve received military leadership training are frequently perfect for positions in software and IT services organizations, having been responsible during their deployments for strategic planning and team management. Both of which are essential to leading complex solution implementation projects, systems integration projects, software lifecycle development projects and many others.

Logistics and Supply Chain: Military veterans who were involved in transportation and logistics co-ordination, cargo handling, inventory management, warehousing and transportation planning can find gainful employment easily with these credentials.

Healthcare Experience: Both private sector and government healthcare providers seek qualified personnel with proven ability to thrive in very demanding environments. This practically defines any military veteran who served in healthcare related roles while serving.

IT Skills: Armed Forces veterans who served in IT roles are highly sought after upon completing their service. This is especially true for those with background in information security and database administrations.

Risk Management: Military training for some servicemen and women includes data security, mathematical analysis and modeling, risk management and other skills like operational systems testing and evaluation. Savvy hiring managers look to source talent for these positions among military vets.

Civil Engineering: Professionals with civil engineering skills are always in high demand among US employers who need qualified, quality personnel for civil engineering and construction management projects. Since many military roles require skills such as technical design, blueprinting and diagram reading, surveying, and mapping, vets with this experience are always quickly hired.

Join us in saluting America’s brave military veterans and if you’re one of them, returning from service, contact us for information on how to connect with great opportunities with some of the country’s best organizations. It is the least we can do to thank you for your service.

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