The One Must Have” For All Candidates and How to Find It”


So you find the ideal candidate. On paper, they perfectly align with the job description, culturally they seem to fall in line with the company’s dynamic but there is still one very important requirement. Availability. Once you source the best quality talent, these all-star candidates must desire something new in order to consider your company.

Yes, we’ve discussed attracting top talent for your workforce by being the best employer a candidate could want. We’ve offered ways to leverage your brand, but at the end of an HR professionals’ jam-packed day, the candidate must be ready to leave their current employment situation. How does one know? The norm, trial and error, template email and/or cold phone call could work and they most certainly have. However, now with the Internet and data available for those responsible for sourcing talent, finding the best available candidates can be more efficient. Below are the best availability indicators for professionals you find outside of those that submit for a position themselves.

Updated skills and role information on LinkedIn – This indicates the individual is either preparing to look or that new skills and/or accomplishments are being added to their profile. Either way, the potential candidate felt necessary to publicly declare this.

Premium Account status on LinkedIn – Paying for LinkedIn offers the best options for finding new work, and makes individuals most visible to those looking for candidates.

Work anniversary – According to a study from, individuals are most likely to leave their jobs at the first, second and third year anniversary. LinkedIn also announces work anniversaries, and most resumes include the month and year of hiring.

After an annual review – With reviews, the opportunity for a raise can be available. Contingent on the results of the review, this is a milestone that could leave professionals considering work elsewhere – and an indicator of candidate availability.

After a year end/holiday bonus – Generally, hiring and sourcing slows as the year comes to a close. The start of a new year, and receiving a bonus can put candidates more at ease to be open to leaving their positions.

As with life in general, having time on your side is always a bonus. Data, timing, and skills combined undoubtedly will help you not only to source the best quality talent but also ascertain candidate availability resulting in a match for your company and the candidate.

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