The Iterative Governance Strategy Behind the Progressive Program Model

The value your workforce management program delivers over time should be consistent and ongoing. This means the program must constantly be assessing, reassessing, adapting and focusing on continuous improvement. The fact is, conditions on the ground are in a constant state of change and evolution. So, it would be unrealistic to think that the plans and strategies your workforce management provider developed for you at the outset of your engagement, last month, last quarter or even last year could still be completely effective without modification. Here’s what nextSource has learned over our many years serving the workforce management needs of customers and how we’ve incorporated this wisdom into our service offerings.

The illustration above conveys the iterative process for ensuring that the program built at the beginning of your engagement with nextSource doesn’t suffer diminishing returns over time. It begins as most program implementations, with an exhaustive assessment of the current state of your processes and business rules. Once the goals are understood and clearly enunciated, the next steps involve design of systems needed to achieve the goals and the careful implementation of the new management strategy. The next critical step is a regular cadence of analysis because you can’t well manage what isn’t well measured. Based on the output of the analysis, suggestions for improvements are offered and deployed.

This is where most contemporary providers seem to stop in the process, considering the process complete after they’ve “fine-tuned” the program. At nextSource, we believe the process is not linear. Rather, it is a continuum. So, as illustrated in the image, we fold the growth derived from the process up to this point back into the first step and begin the cycle anew.

We refer to this innovation as “The Progressive Program Model” of workforce management. Regardless of whether your existing process is non-existent or mature and already fairly effective, this model supports the ability to drive significant improvement on an ongoing basis.

The Progressive Program Model™ is the cornerstone of all that we do. This governance model defines actions and interactions at every stage of the CWM life cycle, enabling clients to continuously adapt and evolve without sacrificing performance or control. It provides the strategic framework through which clients outperform their competition in an increasingly competitive market for great talent.

The programs designed using the Progressive Program Model are agile and customized for each individual customer to prepare for their present needs and to anticipate future requirements. The first patented step in the model, during the “assessment” phase is the Program Agility Assessment. This assessment explores the efficiency, growth potential and value derived from any existing program. Intensive discovery sessions help nextSource workforce program experts get to truly know your business. The result – a program custom-designed to your specific preferences and needs. After the new program has deployed and reaches steady-state operations, ongoing customer support – including expert analysis, course correcting improvement and growth – is applied to ensure operational excellence. Ongoing reassessment then begins the cycle anew, ensuring a nextSource program always keeps your workforce management strategy at the very forefront of industry and economic trends.

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