The Cost-Effectiveness Provided by Managed Service Providers

managed service providers

If you run a business, you know that labor takes a large chunk of profits. Apart from paying employees and creating a comfortable work environment, you should also invest in talent acquisition. However, recruitment isn’t cheap. That’s why most businesses hire through managed service providers (MSPs). All you have to do is pay agency commissions and leave additional costs to them. You escape the following expenses when you involve managed service providers in your recruitment.

Background Checks

Although they’re not a legal requirement, background checks confirm a candidate’s potential while enforcing security measures and protecting your reputation. However, pre-employment screening can be expensive when hiring on a budget or onboarding short-term staff. Don’t worry though, managed service providers save you numerous screening costs. First off, MSPs verify an applicant’s identity to ensure they’re not imposters. You can proceed with further screening after confirming you have the right candidate names.

MSPs also conduct criminal checks to ensure an employee’s trustworthiness. Not forgetting education and professional license checks that verify your academic qualifications and experience. You might also pay for testing services. The applicant’s résumé might be impressive, but you still need additional personality and aptitude testing for particular roles. 


Managed service providers vet candidates thoroughly before declaring them a perfect fit. This way, you don’t spend too much training new hires. Even so, you incur all the training costs when you hire from scratch.

For starters, you have to purchase training materials such as software and computers. Though you can reuse old equipment, some jobs require new training tools. You might also have to book training venues and pay for catering, transportation, and accommodation throughout the orientation period. What’s more, training eats into company time, diverting employees from core responsibilities.


MSPs can source from their employee pipelines instead of paying for job adverts. On the other hand, businesses should invest in job listings to survive competitive talent marketplaces. That includes paying job board fees, sponsoring social media adverts, and even using print material.

Career fairs might also be necessary to promote your brand to candidates. Besides advertising the event, you spend cash on banners, brochures, and your team’s business cards and name tags.

Dependable Managed Service Providers

Although it’s a worthy investment, hiring shouldn’t be too costly. By using managed service providers for budget control, you can channel extra resources into your company’s growth. Do you want to save money on talent acquisition? Get in touch for budget-friendly recruitment.

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