The Best of the nextSource Blog from 2021

For years, the nextSource blog has been delivering powerful, actionable information about all things workforce management-related to help you develop and manage a more successful contingent workforce program. This year was no different. While we offered plenty of articles dealing with important topics like upskilling, diversity, ROI, program design best practices and workforce trends by industry sector in 2021, this post will highlight some of the most critical topics we presented over the last twelve months in, “The Best of the nextSource Blog” 2021 edition.

Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to have an outsized influence over workforce management planning in 2021. So, it makes sense that a number of COVID-related posts would make the 2021 greatest hits. Some posts helped provide clarity on the consequences of COVID, like the so-called “Great Resignation” and how MSPs help handle the outflow of talent. Others dealt with how existing systems and strategies were flexing to accommodate COVID-driven challenges, like this post on how COVID changed the definition of Agile Workforce Management. Still others examined more immediate concerns like whether or not an employer could legally require proof of vaccination in their workplaces. There were also some really strong trends pieces looking at how to thrive in the era of COVID like this post and this one too.

As in any typical year, there was a typical volume of changes, updates and new guidance with respect to ever-evolving legal and regulatory requirements governing the workforce. As usual, the nextSource Blog was there to provide insight. We shone some light on dramatic changes the IRS made to 1099k reporting requirements. We also explored immigration policy changes that impact the H1-B visa program used by many IT and tech companies to import talent from abroad. Then there was this piece dealing with changing IC Compliance rules, relevant to any organization engaging contract labor.

No year in review would be complete without a look back on some of the most promising technological developments and how these new technologies may influence how workforce management is performed. This year’s Best Of includes the exploration of a topic that has been top of mind for at least the last 10 years among all kinds of organizations – is our organization ready to move operations into the cloud? While cloud computing and web-based applications for business are no longer thought of as an emerging technology, artificial intelligence or AI is still very much a novel science and it offers significant potential to revolutionize all manner of business. This year, the nextSource Blog investigated the question, “Will AI Replace the Human Workforce Post- Pandemic”?

Last but not least, every year, the nextSource Blog shares info and data on the concepts and methodologies behind the exceptional services we deliver to customers. This content is always full of great ideas for workforce management professionals. This year, we shared the details on the iterative governance strategy behind the nextSource Progressive Program Model. In another popular post, the Blog shared details on direct sourcing, a popular new strategy within the workforce management field in a post titled, “Everything You Need to Know About Direct Sourcing”. As the year draws to a close, a year full of valuable reporting here at the nextSource Blog, everyone on the editorial team would like to wish you a happy, healthy New Year. And we invite you to join us again all through 2022 as we continue to serve the industry with relevant, useful content.

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