The 4 Most Desirable Characteristics in Contingent Professionals

Although companies are getting much better at fluidly integrating and evaluating their contingent workforce into a healthy company culture, there still are undeniable characteristics that make for optimal temporary team members. With the significant differences the roles of full time and temporary employees offer to an organization, it’s only natural that there will candidates best fit for each type of work. As we dispelled the myth that temporary workers are less reliable than a permanent workforce, we looked into the type of people that would make the best contingent workforce. With professionals placing temp workers in a wide variety of positions across multiple verticals, nextSource’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) client account managers let us in on the most desirable personality traits of their very best candidates.

1. Accountablility
As each contingent team member has been brought on for a specific set of tasks or projects, hiring managers will need to immediately trust that their needs will be fulfilled. Individuals who maintain a degree of integrity about their work can immediately be held responsible and depended on when executing tasks required of the role. Contingent workers are expected to deliver based on their background experience with other companies so accountability is key.

2. Independence
It is very beneficial for new temporary workers to be confident and assertive enough to integrate into a new team and help produce from day one. Independent individuals are comfortable entering new and unfamiliar environments, immediately contributing, and utilizing the proper channel for needs outside of their role.

3. Diplomacy
Tact is a must. Knowing how to navigate any waters, be it existing internal issues or humbly accepting praise, diplomacy is a huge advantage a candidate can bring to the table. Being able to read the people around them and communicate accordingly will make for more fruitful relationships and cohesion among contingents and full time employees alike.

4. Efficiency
Efficient people generally possess great time management and communication skills while employing a ‘work smart, not hard’philosophy. Realistically, you may not be the only contract contingent employees are working with. Efficiency not only benefits you the employer, but it benefits them and any other contracted projects they may be simultaneously working on.

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