Succeed More Quickly with a Talent Acquisition Management Solution


These days, simply having a workable contingent workforce management program is not enough to attain and defend competitive advantage. The flexibility and efficiency unlocked by leveraging non-employee labor is something most organizations are aware of. That means any advantage a contingent workforce program may have afforded in years past has been matched as the practice has grown mainstream. What can savvy organizations do by way of next steps to recapture advantage over their competitors through innovative workforce management practices? Read more to find out.

Before, it was enough to have “more” access to talent for engagement across different types of non-employee workers. Today, the key to outperforming the competition lies in accessing “better” talent, faster. Workforce management professionals will confirm: there is a growing difficulty when it comes to sourcing and maintaining a quality contingent workforce. While the proliferation of workforce management programs (and the staffing vendors/suppliers that feed them) has certainly grown in numbers, there is still the problem of “slow time-to-productivity/onboarding” with respect to contingent workers.

The opportunity to capture competitive advantage now lies not within workforce management programs’ ability to simply get candidates onboarded, but in getting more perfectly qualified candidates onboarded and trained more quickly. This requires a more sophisticated, informed talent sourcing and talent acquisition management solution. Finding the most qualified candidates at the outset can cut down significantly on the amount of time it takes these contractors to get up to speed on the tasks required of their roles. Quicker time-to-productivity translates to more effective and efficient utilization of talent.

You could set out to develop a talent acquisition management solution internally for your program. However, this strategy is a challenging one. It takes time, effort and lots of trial and error to separate the high performing suppliers and other talent pools from the simply adequate ones. Plus, depending on the variety of skill sets your program requires, it can be very time consuming to suss out the best niche suppliers serving specialized talent needs. It can certainly be done, but if operational efficiency and speed-to-productivity are the goals, it seems counterproductive to slow things down while internal resources work to attain the same level of experience finding the right suppliers enjoyed by 3rd party talent acquisition management solution providers. In short, it pays not to reinvent the wheel but instead bring in a specialist.

nextSource does this kind of work on a daily basis for organizations in numerous industries. As such, they know where to find the best, most expedient suppliers of talent for any given need.  Consider leveraging the expertise of a 3rd party talent acquisition management solution provider like nextSource to help shrink the gap between sourcing, onboarding and steady-state productivity. The time you’ll save far outweighs the nominal expense of bringing a provider to the table with its pre-existing relationships with premiere sources of talent.

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