Sourcing: Step 1 in the Recipe For Success

The time has come and you’re going to start bringing new hires on. Whether they are permanent, contract, or temporary, there is one essential common building block. The single most important document that will set the tone of sourcing, interviewing, onboarding and producing is the job description. It’s the beginning and subsequently a really great place to start. Immediately you’ll ask yourself what skills and qualities this candidate will need to have. WRONG. Back pedal beyond that. Before you get started you need to become fully aware of who you are and what your needs are. You don’t start baking before you’ve decided if you’re craving cookies or pie.

Define yourself. What is your company culture? What are your strengths? Be aware of your weaknesses. In fact, with that awareness you can get started. What are your needs? Are there gaps that can be filled by this position? Define goals. How do you want to achieve them? Not sure the path? It’s ok, put something down on paper. It doesn’t even need to be included in the job description but use this as a foundation.

Now, onto the important stuff. Let’s say you went with cookies. This is where we determine if we go chocolate chips or white macadamia nuts and if we add toffee, oatmeal or white chocolate chips to the mix. What “ingredients” will make the best candidate to fulfill your needs and accomplish your goals? With these needs and goals in mind, what type of experience and job-specific competencies do you want this individual to have? Define the must-haves and nice-to-haves and indicate them as such in the job description. Be thorough and concise.

With self awareness, set goals, and candidate experience requirements established, you have one last question to ask yourself. Why do people want to work for your company? What’s so special? Include that. Include an introductory statement to the job description so compelling, candidates will adjust their resume and knock out a personalized cover letter, begging for this job in less than 10 minutes. Figure out what your ideal candidate will relate to and say it. Similar to a marketing campaign, you’ll want to evoke a response great enough to convert, except your aiming for the best candidate rather than the most consumers.

Adjust your thinking. A job description is step one in doing better business and pulling from the best talent pool to work with optimal candidates. Do you want Chips Ahoy or a warm gooey homemade chocolate chip cookie and ice cold milk? The more finely crafted your job description, the better responses it will warrant. It’s an excellent opportunity for you and your VMS – treat it as such.

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