Pandemic Spurs Interest in Background Screening Automation and Other Workforce Management Technology


Background screening as part of the onboarding process is often time consuming and monotonous task. In the age of COVID-19, there is the added layer of concern surrounding the spiking demand for talent facing certain industries and the need to have contingent workforce management professionals in the office to process the swelling number of background checks required to meet the demand. Thanks to process automation, organizations dealing with increased hiring challenges can leverage technology to get the job done in a completely remote fashion.

Companies turn to background check software providers for pre-employment candidate screenings to ensure new hires’ backgrounds are truthful and credible. The software greatly streamlines the process for new hires and organizes data collected along the way including employment history, education, criminal background check, credit history and in some cases, drug screenings. Performing these screenings via a tech solution helps to minimize the exposure risk compared to the traditional hiring practices they replace.

When seeking a vendor of background screening automation software, it is important to select one accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) properly classified as a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some unaccredited providers deliver their product through third-party outfits that are compliant with the regulations. This is an important distinction to remain aware of when seeking a provider of this type of automated solution.

Beyond the social distancing benefits of using an automated background screening technology, there are significant additional benefits to be gained. Often, background check software can be delivered as part of a broader platform of HR technology solutions. Check to see if any such solutions already deployed within your organization have this additional offering available. However, even if you engage a background check technology as a stand-alone, most will integrate with other critical HR systems such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which brings all the data together into a single repository for improved visibility and control.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been driving increased interest in process automation software across nearly all industries and accelerates the overall migration toward business process automation. The contingent workforce management (and broader HR field) is no exception. It is worth remembering that there are already an array of HR-related technologies already in widespread use by organizations of all types. ATS, Video Interviewing Platforms, SMS/Chat tools, Document Management Systems and others are all great examples of automation serving workforce management and we’ve published an earlier blog explaining how each of these tech tools drives value.

If you’re in an industry that is ramping up hiring to meet the unplanned demand fostered by COVID-19, you might consider adding a background screening automation tool to your company’s HR “tech stack”. We can help you identify the right provider for your specific business needs and challenges. Talk to one of our expert representatives today for help.

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