Nextsource Participates in VMSA Live 2015


As we speak, two members of nextSource’s leadership team are in Las Vegas, NV participating in VMSA Live. The semi-annual conference acknowledges and responds to the challenges and obstacles endured by companies using a Vendor Management System (VMS), Managed Service Provider (MSP) and other solutions to leverage and augment contingent labor and Statement of Work (SOW) based services. The conference is hosted by VMS Accelerators, an organization working to improve the delivery of contingent talent through VMS and MSP programs.

This conference has matured exponentially since its inception, growing from 40 people to 141 people, including 19 MSP providers and 100 staffing executives across several countries. This year, VMS Accelerators expects to break records with over 300 attendees, with more than 20 individuals from the enterprise track, over 40 individuals from organizations delivering MSP and VMS solutions, and just over 200 people from staffing agencies and SOW partners.

The four day conference includes comprehensive and thought provoking panel discussions on cost containment, program improvement, tactical and strategic decision making, organizational risk, metrics and analytics, and innovation. The conference also includes solution focused presentations and discussions. VMSA live has even scheduled time for roundtable discussions, facilitated by several conference sponsors including nextSource, that will spark fascinating conversation and provocative debate on extremely relevant topics.

nextSource is excited to be a part of an independent and transparent industry event that seeks to pull together industry thought leaders in an effort to stimulate refreshing and pertinent dialogue surrounding market trends, solution focused problem solving, and forward looking innovation.


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