Leveraging EOR Services for Adjunct Faculty Contractors in Higher Education


No industry is immune from the trends and forces at work in the labor force. Specifically, we’re talking about the trend towards the use and utilization of contingent labor in areas that had never traditionally been involved in contract labor. For this example, we’re looking at the field of higher education and how colleges and universities have been leveraging staffing suppliers to source adjunct faculty contractors.  This is a growing practice in the higher education field and we have a good piece of advice for schools plying this practice.

Adjunct faculty job roles are well-suited to be filled with contract workers. Because most colleges and universities do not operate all 12 months of the year, and because the terms are often split into two annual sessions, adjunct faculty is frequently hired for a term or for the full school year and then released during the summer break. As a result, there is a degree of complexity involved in sourcing, hiring, onboarding and then offboarding of these adjunct resources. This process happens repetitively and creates a good deal of work for hiring managers, accounts payable departments and benefits administrators.

There is better way of managing these resources that also has the added benefit of reducing schools’ exposure to risks derived from compliance with tax laws, worker classification issues and other labor regulations. That better strategy involves engaging an employer of record (EOR) service to bring adjunct faculty contractors to work on their campuses.

Increasingly aggressive enforcement of rules by the Labor Board and the IRS, make it harder than ever to ensure compliance, even despite honest best efforts. EOR service protects higher education organizations from these dangers by effectively handling workers’ compensation claims, on and offboarding employees, performing background checks and worker classification checks. If your school is using contractors to fill adjunct roles, then the EOR service is for you.

An EOR solution specifically focused on sourcing adjunct faculty also helps clients better address other complex categories and translate them into productive sourcing channels. EOR solutions provide organizations with the ability to create on-demand reporting and can house historical data used for managing hours; providing increased labor spend management and control. All this helps save the organization the time and costs associated with learning all the applicable (and frequently changing) employment laws as well as enforcing compliance.

Want to engage an EOR solution for your institution? Reach out to nextSource for more details on how EOR services can be applied to your adjunct faculty contractor program.

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