How to Be the Most Desirable Employer for Contingent Professionals


So we go on and on and on about sourcing the best talent. We’ve got the traditional methods on lock and there’s ebook, after case study, after blog post offering innovative strategies to find the best candidate. All the information is here, nextSource is here, ready to work. You just have to use it. Who? Yes, you (and your team). Speaking of you and what you are doing to source talent, what are you doing to make yourself the best employer for these amazing professionals you are diligently working to source, onboard, and train? Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) and you have put together a foolproof strategy but do these candidates want to work for you? Let’s make it so they are pursuing you. In order to get top candidates wanting to work for you, the following ideals must be ingrained in your company’s culture.

Accountability: Accountability from an employer is truly desirable for any type of employee, particularly contingent professionals. With the nature a defined term of work coming from your temporary team member, it’s crucial for managers and above to take responsibility for their actions, plans, words, etc. when building trust among teams including contingent and/or permanent employees.

Preparedness: Preparedness for the onboarding of and subsequent expansion of your team would be best met with defined statements of work for each new member. Highly desirable candidates will definitely be able to join your company without one, but remember, you want them to want to work with you. Offering clear objectives will create an environment to make an easy decision, to take an offer or not. Further, they can then see what they can bring beyond the what you’ve already scoped for the role.

Goal-driven: Winners have something to work towards – winning. Without defined goals, realistically what is being worked towards? Highly desirable candidates are such because they are successful. Without goals, one cannot measure success. Thus, defined goals will not only make you an attractive employer but will also benefit you. This is a no brainer.

Efficiency: Finally, similarly to desiring efficient candidates, candidates desire reciprocity of efficiency. Maintaining the aforementioned ideals will transcend into an efficient environment breeding meaning communication and productivity. At the end of the day, isn’t this why you’ve decided to employ a contingent workforce in the first place?

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