How Do I Match Hires with Skills Needed?

A successful recruitment process marks the beginning of a fruitful relationship with your employees. However, not every shortlisted candidate meets your company’s needs. Whether you’re opening another branch, adding a shift, or filling in for someone on leave, a bad hire can be disastrous to your business. You risk lower staff morale, decreased productivity, and even ruined customer relationships. Not mentioning the cost of getting a replacement. That’s why you need to match hires with skills needed. Implement the following tips in your interviews to get the right candidate.

Know the Questions to Match Hires with Skills Needed

Whether the meeting is in-person or virtual, questions play several roles in interviews. First off, they determine whether the candidate has the qualifications, work habits, and values for the job. They also offer insight into the applicant’s career aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses. Even so, you cannot get this information with yes-or-no questions. Here are some open-ended questions to match hires with skills needed.

  • How do you handle pressure?
  • Could you describe the moment you were most pleased with your work?
  • How would colleagues describe you?
  • Could you narrate a disagreement with former colleagues or employers?
  • How would an employer describe you?

The candidate’s body language also matters. Though anxiety is normal during interviews, excessive fidgeting points to social unawareness and low confidence. Candidates should also keep eye contact, sit upright, and dress the part. 

Let Candidates Ask Questions

To avoid one-sided interviews, welcome applicants to ask questions. For starters, the candidate’s queries show they’re interested and attentive. Someone who doesn’t care about the job wouldn’t put time into developing questions.

Queries also show the applicant’s intelligence. Besides proving their research on the company, questions position the candidate as an independent thinker, a trait you would need in your team.

Introduce Them to Other Employees

Invite the candidate to various departments to see how they interact with your team first-hand. You can assign tasks to test their problem-solving skills, work ethic, and understanding of your company culture.

This means taking time with the vetting process. Even if you need to fill a role desperately, you might miss some red flags when you rush interviews. 

Engage a Professional

You won’t always have the resources to match hires with skills needed. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find qualified employees. By hiring an employment service, you get access to top talent without spending too much or waiting too long. Do you want dedicated employees in your team? Contact us right away with your hiring needs.

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