Help on the Way for Harried Talent Acquisition Professionals


The rapid growth in adoption of contingent labor among all kinds of organizations has become a burden on the talent acquisition community. Talent acquisition professionals are busy enough grappling with sourcing in a historically low unemployment environment where finding not just bodies to fill seats, but talent that can be developed for longer-term and temp-to-hire positions is already a heavy lift. Executing the steps needed to succeed – such as defining employer brand, building positive culture, workforce planning, sourcing and measuring performance analytics – can seem beyond the ability of TA pros to achieve.  Luckily, there are resources out there to help.

Many organizations are concluding that they cannot successfully source and manage both the conventional HR programs as well as contingent workforce management programs without some outside assistance. Stepping in to service this growing need across all sectors of the work world are solutions like Managed Service Providers (MSP) to help manage staffing supplier relationships. Employer of Record (EOR) services are available to help with the administration of all classifications of non-employee labor. There are providers of Vendor Management Systems software platforms that promise greater efficiency and reduced effort via process automation. There are services procurement services that are experts in sourcing SOWs and project-based resources. There are compliance services that ensure tax and regulatory risks are well mitigated.

If it seems like deciding which (or what combination) of all these solutions is best for your organization is even more to worry about than simply trying to keep on top of the day-to-day needs of the TA role, you’re not imagining it. It is somewhat ironic that in order to make the job of talent acquisition more efficient and effective, one must first increase their workload by performing the due diligence and other necessary planning groundwork involved in fielding the right array of solutions from a dizzying array of options.

This is why nextSource offers a truly “source-neutral” approach to designing and implementing the proper enterprise-wide workforce solutions. nextSourcing leverages a wide range of sourcing channels to successfully fulfill high-volume hiring needs, informed by deep experience in developing effective programs for organizations of all varieties.

The process involves optimizing candidate sources by amplifying an employer’s brand across diverse yet integrated sourcing channels ranging from full-time talent acquisition partners, temp-to-perm conversion through MSP suppliers, freelance recruitment networks, online talent communities, alumni networks, intern programs, social networks and other channels. Taking stock of each unique organization’s specific business requirements and staffing needs, nextSource integrates talent acquisition solutions such as Managed Service Providers (MSP), employment of record services (EOR), services procurement, and compliance services hand selected for their proper alignment with the employer’s operations.

With a deep bench of service and solution providers who’ve proven in past engagements to be tried and true, nextSource is eminently qualified to quickly and efficiently help design, implement, measure and manage a talent acquisition program for any organization. The subject matter experts at nextSource have helped countless organizations overcome the challenges of talent acquisition in every manner of market condition and they can drive success for you too. If talent acquisition is stretching your department to the limit, reach out to a nextSource representative today to discuss solutions.

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