Five Reasons to Engage Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Sourcing talent to fill open positions more difficult than ever before in the wake of COVID-19. Making matters worse, the same short supply of workers plaguing many industries is also impacting many companies’ ability to fill roles within their own HR and contingent workforce management departments. This is why many organizations are taking the step of outsourcing recruitment activities to RPOs or “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” services. If you’re unsure whether or not engaging an RPO is the right thing for your situation, here are five reasons why it could be a great move for you!

Fill positions more quickly

Your existing, internal recruitment infrastructure is not likely to be as robust and well-connected as an RPO service which is in the business of finding and maintaining pools of qualified talent. Plus, most RPOs expertly leverage technology like VMS and ATS to support sourcing, hiring, onboarding and management of talent at speeds you’re likely to be unable to match through your own efforts. In today’s competitive market, speed is critical to effective hiring.

Access more and higher-quality talent

It can take a good deal of time, effort, and cost through the process of trial and error to develop a pipeline of talent to adequately meet your business requirements. RPO groups are commonly home to experts in sourcing, screening/interviewing, and hiring which makes them far more efficient in delivering quality talent. Plus, an RPO typically enjoys mature, proven relationships with staffing companies serving industries and niches which makes them ready to hit the ground running to fill your specific needs from day one.

Reduce talent acquisition spend

As noted above, finding and maintaining a full-time team of talent acquisition professionals is challenging in today’s environment. Plus, if your organization doesn’t require a steady, predictable volume of demand for contingent talent, you’ll be paying to keep this team on hand even when they’re not being used to full capacity. Not to mention the additional costs associated with licensing the software needed to enable an in-house team. An RPO has both the expertise and the tech already in place. And, they can be leaned on when needed, but won’t be incurring costs when you’re fully staffed.

Address special needs of contingent workforce recruitment

Hiring contingent labor, contractors, SOWs, ICs and the like is a different process than hiring full-time employees. Managing everything in house commonly requires a parallel set of professionals – HR teams for sourcing full-time and contingent workforce management pros to address the special requirements involved in contingent hiring. This can be costly and less-than-efficient. An RPO provider is able to design and deploy a custom recruitment process specifically aligned with your requirements and they are able to quickly scale these programs to meet your needs.

Protect against compliance risks

Finding talent in today’s tough environment often requires looking in more unconventional places. When that means hiring remote workers sourced and situated many states away, tapping the gig economy or turning to offshore resources, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements grows much more complicated. Most organizations do not have the in-house legal expertise to stay on top of the patchwork of state regulations, immigration law, tax law, labor regulations and more. Know who does have that kind of legal team ready to protect clients? The RPO does!

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