Doing Our Part: Resolving to Close the Opportunity Divide in 2015


As this year draws to a close, nextSource as an organization is very grateful and thankful for the opportunity to work closely with our many clients, trusted partners, and dedicated employees to help advance the way the world connects with talent. We offer our sincere, best wishes to everyone for a happy, safe, healthy holiday season. As we turn our thoughts to 2015, we’d like to take a moment to consider others outside ourselves. After all, while there has been great growth and recovery this year, there are still many people, particularly young people, who are coming to the career market amidst some very difficult circumstances. This is why nextSource has made a New Year’s resolution to support the phenomenal work being done by the Year Up organization. 

From the Year Up website comes the following explanation of their mission.

“Year Up prepares willing young adults to enter a market starving for skilled workers.  It’s intensive on-year program offers training, mentorship, internships, and ultimately real jobs – often with Fortune 500 companies.  With the aid of stipends and structured support from staff and real world professionals, students spend six months in the classroom learning the technical, professional, and communication skills they need to make the transition to careers or college.  In the second half of the program, students intern with leading companies and organizations, putting their professional skills to the test.  Year Up’s success rate is stupendous: More than 80 percent of program graduates are employed or in school full time as of four months after graduation. From its start-up 12 years ago with 22 students in Boston, Year Up today serves nearly 1,500 students in cities across the United States and is one of the fastest growing nonprofits in the country.”

No one is more aware of these challenges facing employers than nextSource.  It is our stock and trade to stay abreast of the trends in labor and find innovative ways to help our customers overcome them. The work that Year Up is doing melds the best of human philanthropic impulses with the needs of American industries, helping to launch the next generation of gainfully employed, self-actualized young people whose success in their career efforts translates directly into an improved economic lot for everyone in the country. Nothing is more empowering than learning the tools critical to self-sufficiency.

More than most, nextSource is in tune with the radically transformed labor markets which present a whole new landscape for those seeking entrance into the job world.  The best practices and requirements for embarking on a fruitful career path are light years different today than they were even a decade ago. Year Up provides young, ambitious men and women with the tools, experiences, and financial support they need to take full advantage of the new economic paradigm. It is for this reason that nextSource is so pleased to support this critical work, the success of which will surely have enormous ramifications for our fellow citizens, our businesses, and our overall economy. We invite you all to join us in supporting Year Up, either via donation of time or money. 

From all of us at nextSource, may 2015 be a year of peace, health, wealth, and happiness for you all. See you next year!

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