Direct Sourcing: Why You Should Be nextSourcing

direct sourcing

From chasing targets and engaging customers to handling administrative duties and upholding company values, employees are vital to any business. As such, you cannot entrust the wrong people with your company. A common hiring strategy is direct sourcing. This is when businesses utilize internal resources for recruitment. Although direct sourcing offers a hands-on approach to talent acquisition, the recruitment scene is tricky to navigate on your own. Here’s how nextSource complements your in-house hiring team.

Speedy Talent Acquisition

You might not have the time to scan résumés, conduct background checks, or organize interviews if you need personnel on short notice. Because HR professionals already struggle with managing current employees, burdening them with extra recruitment duties could extend the hiring process even further.

Even if you get through this long onboarding exercise, the new hire could still disappoint. Instead of recruiting from scratch, nextSource taps into its pool of qualified candidates to promote workforce agility. Speedy recruitment is especially useful for seasonal businesses. A recruiter can keep up with fluctuating workforce demands to ensure your business is properly staffed all-year round without long-term financial commitments. 

Cost Savings

Many employers shy away from staffing agencies fearing cost barriers. However, an employment service might be cheaper than direct sourcing. The recruiter fees are nothing compared to what you incur when you hire by yourself.

First off, advertising the opening on job boards and other platforms comes at a cost. You also pay for background checks, interview venues, and training materials and personnel. That’s not to mention the lost productivity during the recruitment period. Employees are overworked and less motivated during a staff shortage. If you end up with the wrong candidate after all this hassle, the onboarding expenses could all be in vain.

Access Talent Pools

The nextSource talent pool incorporates various recruitment strategies. For instance, we have access to skill-specific websites, networking events, and professional associations. What’s more, we’re in touch with interns, retirees, past staff members, and employee referrals who might be an excellent fit for your company.

Technology enablement is also our strong suit. From job boards and Vendor Management Systems to social media and Freelancer Management Systems, we utilize technology to build a cohesive recruitment platform. The best part is you can create a relationship with job applicants. nextSource allows you to grow your company brand by nurturing candidates before the engagement and afterward. 

A Direct Sourcing Service You Can Trust

The first stage of talent acquisition is identifying a reliable hiring firm. What problems are you experiencing with direct sourcing? We’ll be happy to discuss suitable staffing solutions for your business. 

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