2015 in Review: The Top 10 Insights from nextSource


Should the workforce planning lessons of 2015 be forgotten, the wisdom they sought to impart will surely be brought to mind when staffing challenges inevitably arise. This is why we’re taking this opportunity at the close of this year to review the most heavily trafficked posts on the nextSource blog from across all of 2015. Take a stroll with us through the past 12 months to revisit some of the content that attracted the most attention from readers like you. In honor of the countdown to 2016, we’ll produce the list from #10 down to the #1 most read posts.

#10 – A New name for nextSourcing – Total Talent Management

Learn how nextSourcing is similar to the latest in talent management as explained by SIA president Barry Asin.

#9 – Handling the ACA Cost Impact: Staffing Suppliers vs. EOR

With the ACA approaching full implementation, there was plenty of interest in coming to terms with how the new law would ultimately impact costs. This post offered several ways to approach compliance with the new law for optimum cost efficacy.

#8 – Understanding the ACA Policy Options

March’s blog was dominated by analysis and strategy ideas concerning the ACA. This heavily clicked post was aimed at simplifying the process of selecting an ACA compliant policy for one’s workforce.

#7 – This Again? Big Companies Improperly Classify Contract Workers

Google finds itself in the IC classification hot seat following in the footsteps of other high profile IC classification failures at large corporations spawning this piece reiterating why it is critical to stay on top of this potentially costly issue.

#6 – Cost Benefit Analysis of Full Time Employees vs. Contractor Utilization

With SOW and contract work growing in popularity as a component of workforce management plans, this piece examined processes organizations might use to weigh whether to engage SOW labor or full time resources.

#5 – 2015 – Year of the Labor Lawsuit?

Between the ACA rollout, IC classification challenges, class action labor law suits and many others, 2015 did indeed shape up to be a year rich in legal wrangling over labor-related issues. This piece points toward solutions to avoid legal trouble.

#4 – Manufacturing’s Millennial Problem and a Workforce Management Solution

As Millennial generation workers begin to replace Boomers, not all fields are successfully attracting bright new minds. Manufacturing is one such field suffering from lagging recruitment of Gen Y candidates. Explore why this is the case and what can be done to boost manufacturing’s esteem in younger minds.

#3 – Three Reasons NOT to be like Google (and to embrace diversity in your workforce plans)

Google was tweaked in the nation media for being rather homogenous and lacking diversity in its workforce. This post shared best practices for how (and why) to embrace diversity planning in the workforce.

#2 – Briefing: What to Know About Impending FLSA Rule Changes

Changes to the Federal Labor Standards Act meant rethinking how to determine which employees are entitled to overtime pay and other important considerations. Many were caught unaware of the FLSA changes and this post captured a lot of attention.

#1 – 6 Commonly Confused Contingent Workforce Management Terms

Tellingly, the most popular post from our blog over the last year plus was this post seeking to clarify some of the terms most often misapplied in our industry. In a field experiencing as much evolution and change as the human capital industry, it is not surprising that there is a lack of one, clear, universally accepted set of definitions for actions, activities, processes and practices. Despite the best efforts of respected industry groups like the SIA and major industry media like CWS Strategies and others, there is still much to be agreed upon and codified. This post takes a look a 6 of the most commonly abused, misused and confused terms.

That’s it for 2015! See you all in the New Year!

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