Who’s on First: What Can Buyers Expect as MSP and VMS Roles Change?

You may have heard about or even experienced the changing roles between Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS). With these changes in the non-employee landscape comes uncertainty.  

Like the classic Abbott and Costello skit, you may be wondering… “Who’s on First?”  

The lines are blurring between who performs which services – including your own role in selecting providers. For example, when researching the ideal VMS do you know what to look for with your specific requirements or should you rely on the advice of a trusted MSP provider? Once a VMS is selected, which company takes the lead during the implementation process – the VMS or the MSP? After go-live, who is your first line of support when issues arise with the VMS? It may surprise you to discover that forward-looking MSPs are leaning into all these roles and more! 

The need for an innovative MSP partner is more necessary than ever to help you as you wade through the contingent workforce world.  

Here are a few high-level program attributes that a leading-edge MSP partner can help you navigate:  

  • Conducting a Technology Ecosystem Review 
  • Investing in Their Own Talent and Training 
  • Developing Customized Solutions  
  • Implementing Customer Feedback Mechanisms 
  • Exploring Alternative Revenue Models 


Tune in to our webinar – co-hosted with Chateau Consulting – to learn how MSPs can help seasoned as well as first-time buyers navigate the challenges of the current landscape and emerge as versatile, value-driven partners to clients. By extension, VMS providers should recognize the effects of this shift and improve their partner strategies recognizing buyer expectations and challenges faced by MSPs.  

All registrants will also receive Evolving the MSP as a Technology Enabler whitepaper by Chateau Consulting after the webinar.  

Our panel of industry experts includes:   

  • Tom Kaminsky, Founder and Managing Director of Chateau Consulting  
  • Matt Jessop, Chief Technical Officer at Chateau Consulting  
  • Julie Barrow-Read, Founder of RedWizard  
  • Karl Strauss, Application Development IT Manager at Voya Financial  
  • Ron LeVan, VP, Client and Services Excellence at nextSource.  

MSP as a Technology Enabler in the VMS Landscape” Webinar   
When:  Thursday, February 29, 1:00 PM ET  

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