Tips to Hire the Right Person Every Time

Whether it’s an administrative or entry-level position, you need to hire the right person to grow your business. For starters, quality candidates save company resources. If the employee is qualified, you don’t spend too much on training. The candidate also settles into their roles faster, easing your backlog and boosting productivity. Furthermore, you get fresh ideas from the new candidate to prevent stagnation. Here’s how to hire the right person, always.

Get Creative with Questions

Every candidate prepares for the standard interview questions: What are your weaknesses? What are your five-year aspirations? Why should we consider you? The best way to judge their personality is by catching them off guard. Some creative questions include:

Which sites do you often visit?

Knowing the candidate’s favorite website shows you how they spend their free time and whether their life outside the office matches your company culture. It also sheds light on their interests. You know whether the candidate loves fashion, politics, or even celebrity gossip. 

When did you last have fun at work?

Fun relieves work pressure to increase employee productivity. If the candidate enjoys humor and social connections, they’re likely to thrive in your work environment.

Would you rather submit the perfect project late or a good one on time?

Although perfectionists are motivated and work longer hours, this trait could hurt your business. A candidate who submits a good project on time understands the value of meeting deadlines and is more confident in their abilities.

Interviews Alone Aren’t Enough to Hire the Right Person

Tension may kick in during interviews, blinding you to an individual’s true potential. At the same time, candidates may devise clever ways to answer your questions without dropping their guard. Though you shouldn’t stop in-person interviews completely, incorporate other screening techniques. For example, you can give hands-on assignments to gauge the candidate’s abilities and performance under pressure. Assuming the role requires selling, you can schedule a sales call to evaluate an applicant’s marketing skills.

Leave Your Desk

Don’t limit your interviews to offices and boardrooms. You could share a meal with the candidate for a more relaxed engagement. Apart from gauging their conversation skills, eating at a restaurant shows how the candidate treats waiters. Another tip to hire the right person is involving other people. You might be a good judge of character, but your opinion could be biased. The new candidate can participate in group projects with your staff to demonstrate their teamwork skills.

A Workforce Provider Makes Everything Easier

You can escape the recruiting hassle by working with an employment service. In addition to slashing hiring costs, a staffing provider saves time by recruiting from their talent pipelines. Do you want to hire the right person? Allow us to solve your talent shortage.

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