Reflecting on a Successful Webinar: MSP as a Technology Enabler in the VMS Landscape

We’re thrilled to reflect on the success of our recent webinar, “MSP as a Technology Enabler in the VMS Landscape.” The event brought together industry leaders, experts, and professionals to delve into the complexities of the evolving business landscape and the pivotal role of MSPs in driving technological innovation. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who registered and participated in this insightful discussion. Your engagement and enthusiasm made this event truly remarkable. 

Acknowledging Our Speakers 

We want to extend a special thank you to our esteemed panel of speakers who shared their expertise and insights during the webinar: 

  • Julie (Jools) Barrow-Read, Founder of RedWizard: With her extensive experience and deep understanding of workforce management, Julie provided invaluable insights into the evolving roles of MSPs and VMS systems. 
  • Tom Kaminsky, Founder and Managing Director of Chateau Consulting: As our webinar host, Tom skillfully guided the discussion, sharing his expertise on the importance of trusted advisor relationships and the role of MSPs as technology enablers in the VMS landscape. 
  • Matt Jessup, Chief Technical Officer at Chateau Consulting: Matt’s technical expertise and strategic insights added depth to the conversation, highlighting the significance of technology in driving business success and enabling MSPs to deliver innovative solutions. 
  • Ron LeVan, VP of Client and Services Excellence at nextSource: Ron’s wealth of experience in client services and program management brought valuable perspectives to the discussion, emphasizing the importance of client-centric solutions and the role of MSPs in driving organizational value. 
  • Karl Strauss, Application Development IT Manager at Voya Financial: Karl’s insights into IT management and application development provided a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in leveraging technology to enhance workforce management and drive business outcomes. 

Celebrating Success 

The webinar provided a platform for meaningful discussions, valuable insights, and actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment. From exploring the evolving role of MSPs as technology enablers to highlighting the importance of client-centric solutions, the event offered valuable takeaways for all attendees. 

As we reflect on the success of this webinar, we’re reminded of the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and industry expertise. Together, we’re paving the way for success in an ever-changing business landscape. 

Looking Ahead 

We’re committed to continuing the conversation and providing valuable insights to our audience. Stay tuned for future webinars, events, and resources aimed at empowering businesses and professionals to thrive in today’s dynamic market. 

Once again, thank you to our speakers, participants, and partners for making this webinar a resounding success. We look forward to our continued collaboration and shared success in the future.  

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