How to Overcome the Workforce Shortage and Great Resignation

workforce shortage

Despite the world’s return to normalcy, the labor market still grapples with COVID-19 effects. Several factors are to blame for the pandemic’s talent shortage. The first one is health challenges. Apart from individual medical conditions, employees left their jobs to care for their ailing loved ones. Moreover, transitioning from regular jobs to remote work was stressful for employees. That’s not to mention the pay cuts that came with it.

Although coronavirus was partly to blame, the great resignation wasn’t only a pandemic problem. Employers started experiencing a workforce shortage long before COVID-19 struck. From toxic culture to limited growth opportunities, professionals still left their jobs pre-pandemic. Don’t worry though, the following strategies go a long way in managing the great resignation.

Salary Reviews

Staff members won’t hesitate to leave your company for better opportunities. However, you have a better chance of keeping top employees with wage increments. For starters, you could increase the prices of your goods and services to afford the new salaries.

If you have limited funds for the raise, start with bonuses rather than increasing the base rate. Remember to maintain transparency while at it. Sharing your budget with workers shows them they’re getting the best rates possible. You could also accompany the raise with perks like free meals, daycare services, and wellness programs.

Allow Flexibility

Employees are more satisfied with their jobs when they choose their schedules. For instance, you can allow workers to arrive and leave as they please provided they complete the necessary hours.

Employees can also decide their shifts. For example, early birds can take the morning shift while night owls report in the evening. Another option is introducing remote work. By operating from home, your employees enjoy a work-life balance while saving time and money on commutes.

Change Management Strategies

Rather than micromanaging your team, encourage everyone to take responsibility for their actions. Workers are more likely to thrive in flat hierarchies than with a controlling boss.

The first measure is welcoming employees to report toxic supervisors without fearing for their jobs. You could also organize regular team-building activities to improve organizational collaboration, boost mental health, and identify leadership qualities. 

nextSource Can Help with Your Workforce Shortage

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