Direct Sourcing Can Be Done Differently Than You’re Used to. Here’s How

direct sourcing

Direct sourcing gets you a dedicated workforce without spending too much time or money. Unlike third-party recruiters, you control the entire process and expand or downsize your staff according to ongoing needs. Similarly, you establish lasting relationships with professionals, instilling a positive company culture. Even so, your recruitment strategy should stand out from competitors to secure the finest talent. If you want to succeed with direct sourcing, here’s what to do differently.

Define Your Roles

A successful sourcing strategy depends on how well you understand your roles. It should be like you’re applying for the position yourself. The first step is goal identification. Instead of only focusing on the result, your plan should outline the entire sourcing process, including where (and how) to hire.

Likewise, build a candidate profile before advertising the vacancy. You could define the applicant’s academic qualifications as well as soft skills like creativity, time management, teamwork, and leadership. Don’t forget to analyze the results afterwards. For starters, measure employee retention rates to know whether direct sourcing works for you. Furthermore, monitor your hiring channels to identify the best sourcing platform.

Invest in Your Brand

Branding isn’t just about how customers view you. To land quality hires, your company image should also speak to job-seekers. Besides attracting top candidates, a reputable brand boosts employee retention by keeping your workforce engaged. It’s also cheaper to hire. Marketing a vacancy doesn’t cost too much when applicants already know about you. This is how to strengthen your employer brand:

  • Answer company reviews
  • Encourage employee feedback
  • Tell a story with your content
  • Advertise on social media
  • Highlight company values
  • Share video testimonials of employees

Leverage Employee Networks

Employee referrals are perfect for several reasons. First off, they accelerate direct sourcing by eliminating some screening steps. You also work with a motivated team. Existing staff members feel committed to your company’s growth when you ask them for employee recommendations. You could also reward them with referral bonuses. On the other hand, new employees adapt to the company culture since they already have mentors in your team.

Direct Sourcing with the Best

When reviewing your sourcing strategy, you’re better off with an accomplished employment provider than on your own. For starters, nextSource delivers a tailor-made talent community instead of another regular workforce pool. Rather than just matching roles to skill sets, we consider location, diversity, inclusion, and company values when building the dream team. Do you want to differentiate yourself from other employers? Get in touch for a customized sourcing plan.

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