Managed Services Program (MSP)

Managed Services Program (MSP)

Your Workforce Working Even Better

Together, nextSource’s Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) technologies advance the way you connect to a qualified workforce and better align with your company’s strategic initiatives. Our “vendor-neutral” solution delivers an individualized configuration, efficient implementation and an unbiased approach toward contingent labor management.

Expect greater visibility and efficiency across all temporary labor suppliers and talent sources, which helps stimulate higher temporary labor fill rates, improve cost savings and cost controls, enhance risk mitigation and safety compliance – all while maintaining business continuity among individual sites, regions and corporate organizational levels.

Vendor Management System (VMS) that simplifies an often complex process

With nextSource’s approach to MSP, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive VMS that will automate several complex company processes:

  • Job requisition creation
  • Supplier order distribution management
  • Credentialing and employee on-boarding
  • On-assignment timekeeping and approvals
  • Invoice administration
  • Analytics

Contingent Labor Management Workflow

Optimizing contingent labor for several key markets

nextSource uses industry knowledge and experience to serve organizations in the higher education, non-profit, non-clinical healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy, retail and e-commerce sectors. Expect talent management solutions that expand and optimize your access to contingent labor, while reducing costs and improving processes.

Benefits To You:

  • Increased access to talent and job fulfillment
  • Decreased risk through compliance management and quality measures
  • Increased process efficiencies that drive visibility and cost savings
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