Finding Passion in Work

Many people are always looking for “their passion” in life. People “settle” for a job and feel as though they need a better job to reach a sense of fulfillment and purpose. This could truly be the case, but sometimes you might not be enjoying your job because of your own approach or external factors that are going on in your life. There is something great to find in every job no matter how big or small it may be.


Having a positive attitude in your everyday life makes the biggest difference and taking the time to see the highlights of your workday can help you identify what you love in your job. Maybe you enjoy your boss, your team, the work-life balance, the pay, etc. Whatever you enjoy in your job, focus on that.


If you have an interest in a certain field of work, get a job in that field (no matter how small) or set aside time after work to learn more and know that there is pathway set for you. If you have an interest in analytics, there are multiple jobs out there in data analytics, but if you can’t find a job in that field, you could also set aside time after work hours to learn on free programs such as Google Analytics. Discuss your career goals with your supervisor.  Seek advice, and volunteer for work assignments that will build your skills and enhance your experience.

Looking forward to something

The number one way to find passion in your work is to look forward to something. Set goals for yourself in your job and reward yourself when making accomplishments. Take the time to celebrate your achievements at work and recognize that you bring something special to your place of work. Be open to new experiences.  Often, they will take you down a new and more rewarding path!

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