It’s not news to anyone at this point that the Coronavirus wrought and overnight transformation in the volume of technology adoption across the board. Just ask your grandmother who is, all of a sudden, a Zoom Meetings superuser! While human capital industry professionals have been adopters of technologies for some time longer than dear old granny, the pandemic has greatly accelerated the movement in this direction. The exigent needs of the current situation may have propelled workforce management operations more completely toward tech solutions in the near term. But it would be wise to expect these tech tools to remain in use even once the pandemic is over. Here are four workforce tech solutions that are here to stay.

Video interviewing platforms have become central to sourcing talent in a socially distant fashion. Staffing Industry Analysts report a 67% spike in the number of companies engaging online video interviewing solutions at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020. These technologies not only ensure greater safety for hiring managers and candidates. They also provide a flexible means to schedule and execute meetings which improves the candidate experience while notably lowering cost-to-fill values.

Digital/Online Onboarding technologies replace the traditional onboarding practices which had previously been performed largely in person. Trainings, orientations, and other onboarding tasks are now largely performed in the digital/online realm. Many industries are moving toward paperless, contactless document management and staffing is no exception. Many staffing software applications had already offered some of this functionality. Now that demand for this capability is extreme, adoption has risen among those organizations that had yet to embrace the paperless/touchless strategy.

Compliance Technologies are also experiencing a flood of adoption. With so many resources working via remote (and even those who must still be onsite to perform their functions), it is even more critical to protect fully compliant operations for the workforce. Leveraging beefed up, financial-grade security protocols, many staffing software solutions support encrypted transmission of all required forms from new hires. Additionally, as these solutions are mature products, the usability aspects have long been perfected making it easy and efficient for new hires to complete compliance activities and mitigate compliance risks. The automation of these solutions is also quite adept at prompting hiring personnel when missed signatures and improper validation checks are identified. All this tech saves cost, time and effort.

Digital Communications Platforms are essential in todays decentralized operational environment. Already a known quantity for organizations with workforce assets across disparate geographies, two-way digital messaging tools are enjoying their moment of heightened relevance. Not just for texting friends and posting cat memes anymore, these platforms provide an uninterrupted communications channel between staffing management and candidates/hires. Especially those working remote. Email, text, direct message and mobile applications deliver collaborative capabilities today during COVID and will remain the standard once the crisis abates.

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