nextSource Solutions

More than merely vendor-neutral, nextSource's procurement-focused approach is source-neutral. We deliver what's right, not what's convenient. Just ask some of the world's largest and fastest growing national organizations. By aligning business strategies with workforce planning and deployment, nextSource solutions create a proven mechanism for workforce optimization to:

  • Improve predictability and flexibility
  • Scale to the organization's growth needs
  • Quickly find qualified people
  • Increase efficiencies and risk mitigation through technology automation
  • Control labor and cost savings
  • Better align the corporate culture

Managed Services Programs (MSP) 

The right configuration, implementation and utilization of ongoing contingent labor. Expect increased visibility and efficiency through all temporary labor suppliers.

Services Procurement

We'll streamline your company's management of consultant and project-based contractors and ensure that all engagements are appropriately administered.

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Among other things, we take legal responsibility for paying wages, benefits' administration and submitting local, state, and federal payroll taxes for temporary workers.

Compliance Services

Misclassification can be expensive. nextSource clarifies proper employee classification and helps determine a potential worker's employment arrangement.

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