Understanding contributing factors behind expanding and optimizing contingent labor, including the ability to engage workers before transitioning them to permanent employees, is critical to higher education and not-for-profit organizations. These same organizations are challenged with managing and supporting a diverse workforce while taking budget constraints, legislative policies, and operational obstacles into consideration. nextSource develops tailored programs that leverage the impact of these factors and enable academic and not-for-profit organizations to best optimize their contingent workforce.  


The upsurge in global demand for energy and outdated infrastructure supporting the sector is producing an escalated need for qualified resources across many different disciplines. The increased demand has HR Departments and management teams chasing to find solutions that will optimize the contingent workforce while improving processes and reducing costs. nextSource has a proven track record of success working with large and mid-size clients in the energy sector, and with that industry knowledge and workforce management expertise, the experience required to develop tailored solutions that address the overall business need.

Financial Services

Rapid advances within financial, insurance, and professional service businesses have created a need to diversify talent and employ professionals never before required. Propelled by the exodus from the recent economic downturn, organizations are gaining a competitive edge through rapid high quality temporary hires facilitated by technology. Working successfully with many financial, insurance and professional service organizations, nextSource develops and delivers talent management solutions for accelerated transitions, innovation, and ultimately a competitive edge.


Steadily increasing labor costs, evolving, complex compliance demands, and outdated infrastructure challenge manufacturing, utility and energy companies in an unstable global economy. Additionally, the availability of active, high-quality professionals continues to decrease as the demand for this talent increases. This has HR Departments and management teams scrambling to apply solutions that will optimize their contingent workforce while reducing costs and improving processes. To meet this challenge, nextSource delivers customized innovative solutions drawn from industry knowledge and experience working with manufacturing, utilities and energy clients.

nextSource Industry Expertise

Companies of all sizes and across all industries with both domestic and international footprints benefit from nextSource's workforce optimization methodologies. With industry expertise spanning multiple markets, supplier partners are better engaged, worker engagement is improved, and the excellence that comes from shared best practices is leveraged throughout our client base.

Some notables of these industries include:

nextSource Solutions

More than merely vendor-neutral, nextSource's procurement-focused approach is source-neutral. We deliver what's right, not what's convenient. Just ask some of the world's largest and fastest growing national organizations. By aligning business strategies with workforce planning and deployment, nextSource solutions create a proven mechanism for workforce optimization to:

  • Improve predictability and flexibility
  • Scale to the organization's growth needs
  • Quickly find qualified people
  • Increase efficiencies and risk mitigation through technology automation
  • Control labor and cost savings
  • Better align the corporate culture

Managed Services Programs (MSP) 

The right configuration, implementation and utilization of ongoing contingent labor. Expect increased visibility and efficiency through all temporary labor suppliers.

Services Procurement

We'll streamline your company's management of consultant and project-based contractors and ensure that all engagements are appropriately administered.

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Among other things, we take legal responsibility for paying wages, benefits' administration and submitting local, state, and federal payroll taxes for temporary workers.

Compliance Services

Misclassification can be expensive. nextSource clarifies proper employee classification and helps determine a potential worker's employment arrangement.

Supplier Partner Network

Supplier Partner Network

As a recognized leader of talent acquisition solutions, nextSource works diligently to engage our network of supplier partners to meet our customers' broad spectrum of talent needs. We evaluate our suppliers on a regular basis to ensure their achievement of performance standards. In addition, we nurture the relationships with our supplier partners by providing training, mentoring,and performance improvement planning across all our customer programs. It is our goal to drive progress through partnership with top-performing suppliers who share our passion for service excellence. 

Supplier Diversity: nextSource is committed to collaborating and fostering the growth of diversity suppliers.  We strive to work with diversity suppliers that share in our commitment to servicing our clients.

If you are a supplier of contingent, direct placement, and/or professional consulting services, please fill out the nextSource Supplier Partner Application so that we may consider you for future opportunities.

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Analytics & Insights

Transforming analytics into insights, nextSource's dynamic reporting provides comprehensive informed advisory to enable strategic workforce management.

Performance and cost metricsprovides robust reporting tools with performance, cost, and benchmarking data for real-time visibility.

Skill set and market rate benchmarkingenables instant access to real-time market-level salary and rate data.

Contingent balance strategiesdetermine just the right contingent labor portfolio mix to maximize your organization’s workforce performance and overall workforce spend.

Demographic Indicatorsdetermine talent mix relative to location demographics by assessing competitive landscape and candidate accessibility.

Talent Lifeycle Management

We work together to configure a customized workforce Managed Service Program (MSP) that meets your business objectives. Our solutions align goals, strategies and budgetary needs to fulfill a program that truly optimizes both the workforce and the business. What’s best for your business is best for your workforce. Solutions include:

Contingent Workforce Optimization

MSP & VMS Solutions

TLM Infographic
Strategic Alignment
  • Workforce Scalability
  • Utilization & Cost Visibility
  • Market Trends & Benchmarking
Workforce Best Practices
  • Talent Sourcing Management
  • Employer of Record Oversight
  • Compliance & Risk Mitigation
  • Consolidated Invoicing & Payment
  • Vendor Management Automation
  • Talent Fulfillment Strategies
  • Vendor Procurement & Management
  • Contractor Compliance

Services Procurement Optimization

Integrated SOW Solution

  • Requirements Development
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Development
  • Supplier Management
  • Talent Sourcing & Assessment

The nextSourcing™ Difference

A true "source-neutral" approach makes all the difference in implementing the proper enterprise-wide workforce solutions. nextSourcing leverages a wide range of sourcing channels to successfully fulfill high-volume hiring needs.

We start by optimizing candidate sources by amplifying your brand across diverse yet integrated sourcing channels. These unique channels range from full-time talent acquisition partners, temp-to-perm conversion through our MSP supplier, freelance recruitment networks, online talent communities, alumni networks, intern programs, and social networks.

Optimization Blueprint

Custom fit to your specific workforce management needs, the nextSource Optimization Blueprint is an assessment that clarifies your workforce optimization goals and the solutions to achieve those goals. The Optimization Blueprint is a nextSource service providing benchmarked recommendations, success metrics, associated costs, and return on investments to qualified organizations. Request your consultation today.

Advancing the way the world connects with talent.

For over 15 years, nextSource has forged meaningful connections between companies and the workers they need to drive business forward. Our goal is to exceed your  expectations by providing superior talent, operational efficiency, and bottom-line cost savings.

As a leading provider of effective workforce best practices, nextSource provides organizations with integrated talent acquisition solutions such as managed services programs (MSP), employment of record services (EOR), services procurement, and compliance services. With a host of creative and strategic solutions, we believe we’re uniquely qualified to be your nextSource for talent.


Thought leadership is a critical driver to nextSource and the industries we serve. The open sharing of this information is key to the continual refinement of best practices. Sign up for our weekly blog posts. Download freely any number of our content offers. Support the excellence that comes from shared best practices.

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Thought Leadership

Learn more about workforce optimization through our collection of ebooks, case studies and white papers.

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Worker Misclassification Assessment

Complete this assessment to calculate worker misclassification
risk and receive a customized report based on what state
your organization is engaging workers.

Worker misclassification is determined by the legalities put in place by the 
Department of Labor and IRS. However, aside from the federal legislations, the
rules for IC compliance can also differ from state by state.

Statement of Work (SOW)

If you’re overwhelmed with managing the high volume of contractors and project-based work, nextSource can help. The nextSource SOW solution maximizes the effectiveness of your company’s SOW contracts while ensuring that documents are fully compliant with regulatory standards.

We guide organizations from contract negotiation through execution, and help navigate the complexities of project-based workforce management for your company. To aid in locating and attracting highly qualified service providers, nextSource also provides strategic sourcing coordination.

nextSource Statement of Work at a glance:
  • Single "system of record" to provide comprehensive governance of SOW engagements
  • Tracking and technology support for entire SOW lifecycle
  • Capture, track, and enforce payment structures per SOW agreements
  • Capture change orders throughout the SOW engagement lifecycle
  • Track resources and productivity assigned to engagement
  • Consolidate invoicing and reporting
  • Validate compliance of suppliers and resources
  • Eliminate manual processes and associated risks


nextSource will keep track of your SOW contract items to ensure that your service providers are meeting your company’s expectations. From day one, we’ll create a schedule, and generate performance management reports, based on your defined deliverables for each individual role – we’ll even streamline off-boarding.

  • Streamline sourcing and procurement costs
  • Provide innovative and automated processes
  • Relinquishes the pressure of having to manually monitor productivity and analyze performance metrics
  • Consolidates contract and agreement templates

Retail & E-Commerce

The rise of minimum wage and a competitive retail market has pushed retail and e-commerce businesses to source ways to competitively differentiate themselves. Seasonality within this marketplace compels organizations to plan ahead for the ebb and flow of business demands. Furthermore, the growth of e-commerce has forced companies to explore innovative technological strategies that anticipate the direction of a flooded market. nextSource’s extensive experience with retail and e-commerce addresses this highly competitive and fast changing marketplace with customized, innovative solutions.

SOW Savings Assessment

Assess your organization's current SOW spend management opportunities right now, online.
In just a few minutes with the tool below, you'll receive a detailed report about your
organization's spend/vendor management program, and key procurement capabilities
such as visibility, control and sourcing.

Try the SOW Savings Assessment below or speak with us to learn more.

Worker Classification


Organizations engage workers in many different ways – permanent employees, independent contractors, freelancers, and professional service workers, to name a few. However, regulatory agencies such as the Department of Labor and IRS only have two classifications for workers – employees (W-2) or independent contractors (1099). nextSource’s Compliance Services can facilitate the classification and engagement of your workers while ensuring full compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Worker Classification Advisory

nextSource’s Classification Advisory provides a comprehensive assessment of your contract workers, consultants, or freelancers. This assessment classifies these workers and identifies highest risk factors. Our team or compliance specialists will perform an audit of your workforce to determine whether your organization is properly classifying workers. At the end or our assessment, we develop and implement a mitigation strategy to ensure compliance.

Worker Classification Management

nextSource’s Classification Management  provides real-time visibility and oversight of your newly engaged independent contractors. With a focus on the latest classification technology and customer service, nextSource provides a unique blend of person-to-person and on-demand process automation to quickly, efficiently and accurately complete your classification evaluations. nextSource works directly with hiring managers and their workers to define the work, the relationship between the organization and the workers, and the impacts of the various federal and state regulations on their engagement to complete the work. Each worker  will be assessed, providing clear visibility of the factors and levels of risk in the event of an audit or investigation.

Benefits To You:

  • Alleviates risk of misclassification penalties
  • Provides independent contractor rate assessments
  • Relieves the pressure to stay current with continuously changing local, state, and federal classification rules and regulations

Employer of Record Services


A nextSource employer of record (EOR) solution frees you to focus on your core business while minimizing employee classification risk.

End-to-end efficiencies

From specialized payrolling services to customized implementation plans ensuring full compliance, nextSource takes all administrative and legal responsibility for paying wages, benefits and submitting local, state and federal payroll taxes for temporary workers.


Employer of Record Services Solution Overview:

  • Worker classification (1099 vs. W-2)
  • Workers’ compensation, unemployment and professional insurance
  • Administration of pre-hire screenings, benefits, and records
  • A fully-automated onboarding and off-boarding process
  • Rate and salary determination
  • Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Ongoing risk assessments and performance reviews
  • Cost benefit analyses of regular versus contractor utilization
  • Automated technology for efficient process management and on-demand reporting
  • Program metrics via satisfaction surveys and performance reviews

Benefits To You:

  • Protects against misclassification and penalties
  • Relieves risk associated with workers’ compensation and other types of insurance
  • Provides increased labor spend management and control
  • Streamlines and standardizes on-boarding and off-boarding processes
  • Minimizes the time, effort and overtime costs associated with learning and complying with employment laws
  • Simplifies expense reimbursement for temporary workers

Services Procurement


When it comes to project-based workforce management, nextSource helps  facilitate the complexities of Statement of Work (SOW) administration – from the moment a project has been awarded, schedules are created, performance reports are generated, and all contract items are tracked to ensure that service providers are performing to your expectations. nextSource also provides strategic sourcing and contracting expertise during the “pre-award” stages of service procurement.

nextSource Services Procurement at a glance:

  • Single “system of record” to provide comprehensive governance of SOW engagements
  • Tracking and technology support for entire SOW lifecycle
  • Capture, track and enforce payment structures per SOW agreements
  • Capture change orders throughout the SOW engagement lifecycle
  • Track resources and productivity assigned to engagement
  • Consolidate invoicing and reporting
  • Validate compliance of suppliers and resources
  • Eliminate manual processes and associated risks

Benefits To You:

  • Assures project outcomes are clearly measured and achieved
  • Streamline sourcing and procurement costs
  • Provide innovative and automated processes
  • Relinquishes the pressure of having to manually monitor productivity and analyze performance metrics
  • Consolidates contract and agreement templates

Workforce Optimization Calculator

There are five key factors that directly affect how well an organization’s contingent workforce is employed - visibility, risk, compliance, recruitment and cost. Use this quick and easy calculator to determine how well your organization ranks in best practice contingent workforce management.

Partner Application

Apply to become a nextSource Supplier Partner by completing the Partner Application Form below.

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Find Out How Automated Your Workforce Optimization Program Is

The following Workforce Optimization Calculator provides a framework for performing a self-assessment of the "as-is" state of your workforce management and optimization automation efforts. This self-assessment survey is intended for use by those involved in the management of contingent labor for staff augmentation, statement of work, employer of record and other temporary/non-employee or contract workers. Relevant workforce management automation functions are assessed in the following five categories:

Using a 1 to 5 scale, practitioners from every stakeholder group relevant to workforce management and workforce optimization can assess the relative efficacy of along the continuum. The results will illustrate the extent to which an organization may benefit from implementing a new workforce management automation solution.

Please read the description of each category and then rank your organization using the scale provided in each of the five categories.

Start Here


Start here to find out where your company ranks in five key factors of workforce optimization.

Managed Services Program (MSP)


With nextSource’s managed services program (MSP) you’ll have greater visibility and efficiencies across all your temporary labor suppliers and talent sources, which helps stimulate higher temporary labor fill rates and improve cost controls. 

You’ll also benefit from a comprehensive vendor manage system (VMS) that will automate several complex company processes including:

  • Job requisition creation
  • Supplier order distribution management
  • Credentialing and employee on-boarding
  • On-assignment timekeeping and approvals
  • Invoice administration
  • Analytics

Along with making your job easier, the bottom line benefits include:

  • Increased access to talent and job fulfillment
  • Decreased risk through compliance management and quality measures
  • Increased process efficiencies that drive visibility and cost savings

Worker Misclassification Calculator

Use this calculator to assess what kind of financial risk for worker misclassification your organization may have.

Organizations engage workers in various ways, whether they are a full time employee, a contractor, or a professional service worker. Regardless of the type of worker, it is important to ensure they are classified correctly under the Department of Labor and IRS legalities.

Risk Calculations Include:

  • Social Security Tax
  • Federal Income Tax
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Incorrect Filing Penalties
  • Failure to Withhold FICA Tax
  • Failure to Pay Taxes
  • State Fines, if applicable
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The scale is defined as:

1 = no automation in use – completely manual process

2 = automation in limited use – majority of processes still require manual action despite some items being managed using (often antiquated or inappropriate) technology

3 = basic automation in use – some level of automation is already implemented but its usage is not universal and its effects are merely adequate to the tasks leaving significant room for improvement

4 = some advanced automation levels – levels of automation may approach best-practice status in numerous functional areas of the workforce management program and all low-hanging fruit has been captured however, there are still efficiencies and savings to be captured before the solution would be considered world-class

5 =  superior automation – incumbent solutions (whether home grown or from a third party provider) have leveraged best practices to produce superior results in a given functional area

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